2020 Gift Guide: Jewellery Edition

Welcome to the 2020 gift guide series! I recently put out a tweet asking for people to share their favourite small businesses for gift ideas, and I was absolutely inundated with responses. So here’s the jewellery edition! I love handmade jewellery as it feels more unique and you know that a lot of time, effort and care has been taken to make each item! It can be a great alternative for a friend or relative that already has a lot of branded jewellery.

I hope you find something you enjoy in this guide:


Clay Earrings on Etsy and Depop (Read more about AlicexLizzy in my Small Biz Spotlight feature). I personally have some of these earrings and love them a lot, plus I always get compliments when I wear them!

Bracelets by Nicola

Gorgeous thread bracelets

RHG Designs 

Polymer Clay Earrings

Amore Fine Jewellery 

Silver Stirling jewellery inspired by Cornish Coast

Clay By Collette 

Polymer and Resin earrings

Stone Age Ceramics 

Glazed Stone Age Pendants

Please take the time to check out a few of these insanely talented artists’ work today and I hope you find something you love!

Leave a comment if you purchase anything from any of these stores, and if you have any more artists to shout out leave that in the comments too.

Check back tomorrow for another gift guide!

L x

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