5 Ways To Look After Your Mental Health

This a strange time for everyone, and I think people are going one of two ways. Either you’re at home feeling weirdly productive, doing 48 livestream workouts a day, learnt 3 languages, baking all the treats, deep cleaning your house daily, calling all your friends and family, posting on Instagram, turning into a content making machine… OR you just don’t know what to do with yourself, you feel lost, you might feel depressed or anxious because everything is so uncertain, you don’t feel like working out and you don’t feel like talking to friends or family. BOTH OF THESE ARE COMPLETELY NORMAL REACTIONS as well as everything in between. A global pandemic is happening, no one knows what to do or how long it will last, you don’t need to be doing everything all at once; it’s perfectly okay to be taking a time out.

5 mental health tips

It’s so important to look after your mental health during this time, now more than ever. So I’ve put together a list of things you can do to help yourself. Just 5 simple things, because I didn’t want this post to add to your overwhelm.

  1. Do some yoga and/or meditation This is something I personally want to do a lot more of, I have always loved yoga but have never made a real habit of it. When I do practise though I always feel more in tune with my body, lengthened and more peaceful. There are tonnes of free resources online, my favourite is Yoga with Adrienne on Youtube.
  2. Do some light exercise If it’s safe for you to go outside (e.g. you haven’t shown any symptoms, no one in your household has symptoms, you’re not high risk and you can stay 2m away from everyone while you’re out) then try going for a walk/cycle/jog, if you can get the fresh air you’ll feel a lot better, and if you have a garden then even better – utilise it! If you’d feel safer staying indoors or in your garden, try a little aerobic workout, or again find a workout you like the look of on Instagram or YouTube. OR you can download my home workout guide here (it’s free). You’ll also find more exercise ideas in my previous post ‘Keeping Fit In Isolation‘. Exercise releases endorphins making you feel better for getting a sweat on and moving your body! It doesn’t have to be much – from 10 minutes to an hour depending on how you’re feeling.
  3.  Read a book/listen to audiobook or podcast Get yourself away from screens for a while! If you own a book I urge you to pick one up and get stuck into the actual, physical pages. It can be something new or one you’ve read 100 times. Alternatively, audiobooks and podcasts are equally good. A couple of my favourite Personal Development books are Girl, Wash Your Face, Get Over Your Damn Self and The Champagne Diet.
  4. Make a daily to-do list I’m not talking a huge long list with all massive tasks on, just write yourself 3 things that you want to accomplish that day. That could be as simple as: 1: Get dressed, 2: Eat 3 healthy meals, 3: Read 5 pages. (Bonus points if you include something from this list)
  5. Journalling This can help you process how you’re feeling about this whole situation or even just identify your thoughts. Every morning before you do anything else, open up your notebook and write down exactly how you’re feeling, how well you slept, how long you slept, and maybe a couple of things you want to do that day. Reflect on the day before.

I hope that list helped at least one person, or gave you an idea of something that might help you that you hadn’t thought of doing before. Even if it just took your mind off of the stress for 5 minutes – I’ve done my job.

Let me know how you’re handling the situation and one thing that you’re going to take forward with you.

L x

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  1. These are some great ideas! Journaling is such a great way to get those worries down on paper and to help you work through them. Thank you for sharing xx

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