So I’ve made the brave decision to attempt Blogmas this year! Its definitely going to be a challenge but it’s all planned out so let’s see what happens. I don’t break up from college until the 20th, so I need something to get me in the festive mood!

For Day 1 I’m just posting the prompts for my 24 days I’ll be doing (that way if I do fail at least this post has a purpose haha) – I encourage anyone reading this to give these prompts a go or make your own and let me know what your favourites are! I know there are different ways of doing this but I’m going to be aiming to post every day from December 1st to Christmas Eve. 

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Here goes: 

  1. 24 Blogmas Ideas
  2. Christmas Playlist
  3. December Goals
  4. Christmas Movies
  5. Christmas Traditions
  6. My Christmas Wishlist
  7. Festive Coffees
  8. Stocking Fillers
  9. Letter to Santa
  10. Snowed in? Home Workout
  11. Protein Snowballs
  12. This Christmas I’m Thankful For
  13. TV Christmas Specials 
  14. My Perfect Christmas Day
  15. Winter Skincare
  16. December Detox
  17. 2019 Reflection
  18. Christmas Throwback
  19. Christmas Dinner: Ranked
  20. A Vegan Christmas?
  21. Memories of Santa
  22. 2020 Goals
  23. 2010-2020 Achievements
  24. What My Christmas Day Looks Like 

Who’s with me?! I’d love to check out anyone else’s Blogmases – comment below if you’re doing it too! 

Christmas Wishlist to Santa Pinterest Graphic

L x

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  1. […] Unfortunately this means I won’t be doing Blogmas this year (I wasn’t organised enough for that this time), but if you’d like some Christmas blog content, check out last year’s and get some inspiration here. […]

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