Blogmas: Day 14 ‘My Perfect Christmas Day’

I don’t know about you but we put so much pressure on one day and it never goes to plan, someone ends up in tears or storming off to bed or just generally not happy… or is that just my dysfunctional family? Anyway.

I’m going to go into the future for this one to describe what my perfect Christmas Day would look like.

I’d be woken up (not too early) by two young children who’d come in to me and my husband with their filled stockings, excited by the Christmas magic. We’d open presents together in bed before getting up and having a big cooked breakfast. Then we’d get all dressed up and have all the family over for dinner and drinks, games and tv. Nothing too much, just quality time with good company and good food! Maybe an afternoon walk or something too, one of the best christmas days we actually went ice skating because it was free… though I don’t suppose there’s many places like that open to actually do something as a family on Christmas Day.

What does your perfect Christmas look like?

L x

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