Blogmas: Day 16 ‘December Detox’

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of another year, and December is a great time for some self reflection, evaluation and detoxing.

Here are some detoxing activities you should take time to do before 2020 arrives:

  • Evaluate each area of your life, what’s gone right and what’s gone wrong? What areas do you want to focus on next year?
  • Go for a walk and think about what’s happened in the last 365 days.
  • Recognise all of your achievements for 2019.
  • Evaluate your friendships and relationships – be honest with yourself and if theres anything that’s not working, do something about it. Whether that’s having an honest conversation or cutting a tie.
  • Set some goals for 2020, realistic ones that you can actually work towards.
  • Evaluate your diet – are you getting all the nutrients you need? Do you need to learn how to meal prep so you stop wasting money on unhealthy fast food?
  • And finally, a good old face mask and pamper session to make yourself feel amazing.

What do you like to do to detox at the end of a year?

L x

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