Blogmas: Day 17 ‘2019 Reflection’

Today I’m reflecting on my entire year, sat in a bar on the beach in Tenerife with an ice cold strawberry and banana smoothie watching the sea, hard life right?!

Honestly, the first half of the year and the second half could have been completely different years. This year has ended up being quite different to what I originally expected and everything has changed but all for the better.

I’d been planning staying for a third year at the college I’d been training at since September 2017 but it didn’t quite pan out like that, I considered going straight into the dance industry and auditioning for jobs but decided I wasn’t quite ready and ended up doing yet another round of college auditions instead. Luckily this was successful and I’ve ended up moving back to Leicester where I originally started uni in 2016 (I finished first year and then dropped out and went to dance college instead because the course wasn’t for me) but this time at a professional dance college instead of university and I’ve loved every second so far. I’ve learnt so much in the last 4 months and it just goes to show that everything does happen for a reason. It might not be what you originally planned or the path you wanted to take but it will get you where you need to be.

Aside from that I did a few classes and workshops in London this year including my first Dance For Camera with Unapologetic – you can find that video on my main instagram. I’ve really discovered a love for commercial dance and it’s so exciting to think that in a year or so I’ll potentially (hopefully) have a commercial job when a couple of years ago I was very set on being a Contemporary dancer and now that’s not really a priority.

img_69202252676071799422752.jpgI’ve seen some great shows too including the Strictly tour (now a yearly tradition), Wicked, Rip It Up The 60s (absolutely loved the level of choreography in this and really hoping to see the next one), Matilda is now up there in my favourites. I saw West Side Story at Curve a couple of weeks ago and can’t say it matched the first time I saw it (my favourite musical of all time) but I have such high expectations of it I wasn’t really expecting it to be as good.



All in all it’s been a pretty dance orientated year and an exciting one that means next year will also be exciting on the dance front too!

It’s also been a big year for my fitness journey, I was reflecting my fitness instagram account earlier and realised I’ve achieved quite a lot! I’ve struggled with my weight for years but I feel like this year I’ve really got it under control, I love working out, teaching fitness and I’ve made big steps with my nutrition too. I even ran my first 5K, which I never would have thought possible. I also trained in Trigger Point Pilates Barre and Balls which combines Trigger Point Pilates and myofascial release with ballet movement. I can’t recommend it enough and loved teaching it over the summer, and hope I get chance to again soon!

I joined an influencer agency in the summer which I’ve done a lot of work with now and hope to continue this in 2020! I’ve worked with some great brands already including Berlei, Free Soul (my new favourite protein powder – use code FSLaurenhollie for 15% off), Organic Basics,Hair Burst, Funky Rollers, Pink Parcel Noughty Haircare and Pretty Athletic. All my influencer work is over on my fitness instagram account too. I’m hoping to have more influencer content on my blog in the new year as well!

Another thing I discovered this year is Stay Sassy events by Steph Elswood. Steph set up these events in memory of her Nan and all the money raised goes to the Stay Sassy Foundation which goes towards the venue and future events. It’s basically a dance workshop in which you learn how to strut in heels, learn a routine, enjoy post workout snacks and refreshments and self love/body confidence/mental health talks. I can’t recommend the events enough, and I believe the next one is 12th January which I’m really hoping I can make since I missed the Christmas event. I can guarantee you’ll walk out of the studio feeling like a sassy queen and being part of a whole new family.

And that’s my 2019 pretty much summed up! What are some of the highlights from your year?

L x

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