Blogmas: Day 20 ‘A Vegan Christmas?’

You may or may not know that before I left my flat I had been trying to eat as ‘plant based’ as possible, and it was going pretty well. I’d already started eating less meat when I moved away from home because I don’t really like cooking it, and then I watched The Game Changers  with my flatmate and we both found it really interesting so thought we’d give the new lifestyle a go.


I also downloaded the Shreddy app recently which has so many vegan recipes that I started making and loved, and realised I wasn’t missing meat at all. I then switched to Soya milk and since being back home cows milk now tastes strange to me. I’m not saying I was completely vegan however really wasn’t fussed about eating meat and had cut down a lot.

Now since coming back home, my family are all meat eaters and don’t ‘believe’ in eating plant based as they believe all the myths about you not getting enough nutrients etc (not true – as long as you make sure you’re eating enough and still getting a variety of food in your diet and not just eating crap food! – do your research).

For this reason it’s easier for me to eat whatever their cooking which is saving me having to buy and cook food just for me while I’m here as well. I’m also interested to see what difference it has on my body and my energy levels, and then I will go back to cutting back on meat and dairy products when I go back again in January, and again note anything that is affected by my diet.

So for that reason, as petty as it might seem, I won’t be attempting to be vegan this Christmas! If anyone has any stories about how they transitioned to being vegan or how they deal with eating a vegan diet when their family don’t, I’d love to hear it.

L x

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