Blogmas: Day 21 ‘Memories of believing in Santa’

This is another post where I thought I had a good idea and I’ve come to write and had no clue what that idea was. So this will probably be short one…


I don’t remember learning who Santa was or remember when I stopped believing, but I do remember that there’s one Christmas we have on video from when I was about 3 and my grandparents were over – the only time they’ve ever stayed over on Christmas Eve. I remember getting ready for bed with my Nana and she pretended to get a phone call and said it was one of Father Christmas’s elves ‘Toodlepip’ and she spoke on the phone to this elf for at least an hour I swear and I was paying all the attention in the world for the whole thing, completely captivated. We left out biscuits and whisky and carrots for the reindeer as well, thinking about it now I don’t even know why we had whisky in the house because no one in my family drinks it. Isn’t it crazy the stuff you believe as a kid? And then one day you just…stop? That was probably my best Christmas, age 3 haha.

What are your favourite Christmas memories?

L x

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