Blogmas: Day 23 ’10 Year Throwback’

Since we’re entering a brand new decade in just over a week, I thought I’d take a look back and reflection at the last 10 years… That’s nearly half my life, so it’s going to be a  ride and a half! From age 11 to age 21, that’s two schools, a year of uni, two years of dance college, a handful of jobs, learning to drive, and so much more… I’m going to see what highlights I can remember from each year, off the top of my head so we’ll see how it goes!


2010 – I went on my last family holiday before my parents divorced, and was still in middle school…

2011 – Started upper school (I’m in one of the few remaining areas that still has a three tier system)

2012 – I’m not gonna lie to you, the only thing that sticks out from this year is going to see Dancing on Ice on Tour and watching the Olympics on TV.

2013 – I went to my first ever concert which was Girls Aloud. I believe this was also the year I met Chris Colfer after spending 22 hours in Bluewater shopping centre with hundreds of crazy glee fans – I was such a cool teenager.

2014 – GCSE year! All I remember is double art taking over my life, and then going to see West Side Story as a treat at the end. I was also in full on fangirl mode at this point, I met Torvill and Dean and it was fabulous. I also got my first job this year.

2015 – In sixth form at this point (studying double Fashion, Dance and Drama) and I also did English Youth Ballet which I loved every second of. I also passed my driving test (first time!)

2016 – Finished sixth form after many a mental breakdown with pretty good grades, took part in U Dance which was one of my favourite dance experiences to date.  Started DMU and quickly realised it was crap… I did see a LOT of shows though. I also qualified as a fitness instructor after getting a bursary from school.

2017 – Completed the year at uni somehow, and started at Dancebox. Got hella bad shin splints which ruined my life for a good year… I did my Pilates qualification too.

2018 – Got over shin splints finally, had a breast reduction, danced like my life depended on it. I also did my Personal Training qualification and did Beachbody coaching for a while.  And I started working at the theatre.

2019 – Graduated Dancebox and started studying at Addict. I started working in a local bar as well as at the theatre and have had two jobs in Leicester already since September.

All in all, it’s been a pretty eventful decade, but I don’t think you can go through 10 years at any stage of your life and not have a lot happen! And there’s definitely lots of things I will have missed out, but that’s what has stuck out to me as I write this.

What’s happened to you in the last 10 years?

L x


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