Blogmas: Day 3 ‘December Goals’

I thought it was about time I set myself some goals, and what better time to do it than in the last month of the year? It is a bit more daunting thinking less about ‘what I want to achieve this month’ and ‘what I want to achieve by the end of 2019’ and honestly nothing jumps out at me straight away which makes it even more difficult. I used to be really good at setting myself goals and it’s definitely a habit that I’ve dropped but would like to get back again. But here goes…

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  1. Get back into a gym routine – a bit of a controversial goal for the run up to Christmas, but I just got a gym membership on a Black Friday deal so I want to make it a habit again before I go home for 2 weeks and stuff my face. I also have a show in January so need to work on that stamina and get the bod ready for all the costumes!
  2.  Work on flexibility – I keep saying that I tend to stretch when I’m sore but not to actually get more flexible, which is kind of a problem when you’re training to be a professional dancer. I’ve always been naturally flexible to a certain extent (compared to most ‘normal’ people anyway) but that’s not enough in the dance world and something I want to work on a lot more.
  3. Keep people coming to my classes – I run a trampoline fitness class on a Monday night and I’d really like to keep people coming right up until the week before Christmas and keep them all motivated to hopefully see a rise in numbers in January so I can look at maybe adding additional classes.
  4. Focus on nutrition – Mainly in terms of meal prep for college and work so that I don’t end up spending extra money that I don’t have, and so that I can make better choices in terms of fuelling my body for my training.
  5. Keep up self care/maintanence – Not just a weekly face mask but actually looking after myself in terms of stretching, trigger point pilates, epsom salt baths and foam rolling. I’ve even treated myself to a sports massage which I haven’t had in over a year.

I’d love to hear about what your goals are for this month! I’m also going to make it a goal for 2020 to post my goals for the upcoming month and note what I achieved in the previous month.

L x

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