Blogmas: Day 5 ‘Christmas Traditions’

Today I’m talking Christmas Traditions! I’m not going to lie, I found this harder than I thought and it turns out I actually don’t have that many Christmas traditions…

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  • We’ve recently made a bit of a family tradition of going to the cinema either on Christmas Eve or New Years Day, and this year I’m hoping to see Cats if the family co-operate…
  • Since me and my brother were little we started a tradition of opening one Christmas present on Christmas Eve before bed, usually a present from a school friend that we were allowed to choose. Not so much a thing anymore, but still one that sticks in my brain.
  • As most people’s probably do, our Christmas Day revolves around food so we always have some form of cooked breakfast and always chocolate to start – my Nana has always said Christmas Day is ‘home rule’ aka do what you want (always within reason).
  • After Christmas dinner we always attempt to play board games, which always ends in my Grandad getting the hump because we’re not playing Charades, so we play Charades and he still gets fed up and goes for a nap. Every year.
  • Does anyone else do table/tree presents? Basically someone (usually my Auntie) is in charge of buying everyone a present to open at the table before dinner. One year it was my mum’s job and she forgot, and hasn’t been given the responsibility since.
  • I think last year is the first year in a while this hasn’t happened – but it always used to be a Christmas Tradition that me and my cousin (or even longer ago me on my own) used to choreograph a Christmas Dance and perform it to the family. My favourite one we ever did was in a fat suit and it’s on my instagram if you fancy a laugh…
  • Christmas TV basically banned in our house on Christmas Day, so it’s all on catch up over the next few days! I’ll never miss a Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special and I’m extremely excited that there’s a Dancing on Ice one this year…

What are your Christmas traditions? I feel like mine are all quite normal, I’d love to hear some obscure ones!

L x

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