Blogmas: Day 6 ‘Christmas Wishlist’

My Christmas Wishlist

This is more of a list of what I’d buy myself if I had money and not actually what I’ve asked for but here goes…

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 Trainers This is a kind of a family tradition where we all get trainers for Christmas in my household because we’re all fitness people, me and my mum are both fitness instructors, my mum’s partner is a gym and classes fanatic and my brother plays football.

TALA This is actually one that I know I am getting for Christmas because my mum kindly let me buy a couple of things on her card to put away for Christmas… I got the Zinnia Leggings and the Zahara Bra in the Black restock a few weeks ago. They actually just launched a new collection tonight which I am veryyyy tempted by.

Fitbit Versa Lite I’ve been wanting to upgrade my Fitbit for a while, I’ve had the Charge 2 for two years now I think, and I really like the look and extra features of the new Versa.

Body Shop/LUSH I know it’s kinda generic but I always love getting cosmetics and bath products for Christmas, especially bath bombs…

Unapologetic I discovered Unapologetic earlier this year when my mum wanted to go to a dance fitness class at Pineapple Dance Studios and I couldn’t go without doing a dance class beforehand, literally just picked a random class close to the time to the one my mum wanted to do, and discovered something amazing! Since then I’ve done a few classes, a Dance For Camera and an intensive with them and can’t wait to do more. They’ve got gift packages available for Christmas Gifts too.

What’s on your Christmas list?

L x

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