Day In The Life: Personal Trainer (in Lockdown)

I wrote this post on one of my busiest weeks in lockdown, so it’s worth noting that this isn’t what my life is like all the time, I’d probably die. One of the best things about being a Personal Trainer is being self employed (which obviously has its pros and cons) and so you can choose your own hours and do what works for you – unless of course you’re working shifts in a gym which I have done and it just didn’t work for me. It’s also worth noting that every day, week, month, year even – can be very different.

I’m also not a PT full time at all, I’m actually still a student but have not been at college since March due to Covid-19 so I’ve been able to pick up more fitness things and focus on my fitness business. I do usually pick up more fitness classes etc during the summer holidays to keep myself fit over the college break (I’m on a full time professional dance course) and pick up some extra pennies without having to work particularly long hours. This is something I’ve done for the last 4 years now. You can read more about my journey in becoming a fitness professional here. Now let’s get into it!

7:45 – Alarm

I never used to be an early riser, but since reading Matthew Walker’s Why We Sleep (highly recommend) I’ve tried to be more consistent with my sleep pattern, so I have my alarm set for around 8am on weekdays and on days where I want a lie in I make it no later than 9am, whereas previously I would’ve let myself sleep in till 11am! When life goes back to normal my alarm will be 6:30am/7am so my lie in will become no later than 8:30am. That’s the plan anyway!

8:00 – Meditation

The reason I actually got into setting my alarm for this time even when I wasn’t teaching until 9:30am, was to join the @healsandfeels live meditation sessions on Instagram, and I’m really enjoying this part of my day.

8:30 – Breakfast + Coffee

Potentially my favourite part of the day. My go to breakfast is yoghurt mixed with protein powder, granola and fruit. I like a fairly strong coffee with no sugar and a splash of oat milk. Another habit I’ve got into during lockdown is reading an actual book while having my breakfast and morning coffee, instead of aimlessly scrolling on my phone and it’s definitely a habit here to stay.

9:30 – Pilates Class for my members

I teach a different class every day on my current timetable, which will hopefully run until the end of August and then I’ll have a rethink. If you’re not sure what Pilates is, check out this post I wrote explaining everything. For more information on how you can get involved with my online classes, click here. I currently run my classes on Zoom, my mum’s partner is a audio/video technician so he’s set us up with a really good Zoom connection and everything so that participants can hear us and the music and the video is also of a good quality. I’ve done a few online classes where the quality has been questionable so I’m glad we managed to get ours to a good standard!

10:30 – Private Pilates Class

I actually got to cover my mum’s class here (and more later on) so that she could have a week off to rest (she teaches around 20 classes a week and jumping about on our living room floor eventually ruins your body if you don’t have a break). I love teaching small groups and this one was for a small business where all their staff log on and take class together while they’re all working from home which I think is brilliant!

11:30 – Run 5k

As I’m sure you know by now, I’ve really gotten into running over lockdown, and it’s been one of my goals to get consistent enough to be able to run 5k without stopping. I need a bit more work to get my time under 30:00 which is my goal before I go back to dance. Read my running tips here.

13:00 – Lunch + Coffee

I’ve recently been eating more of a plant based diet, and lunch is one of the meals I find it easier to eat a vegan diet, from salads, to bagels, and one of my lockdown favourites – spinach and mushrooms (seasoned with salt and garlic) with avocado on toast. At this point I do allow myself to scroll.

13:30 – Write a blog post

I don’t write a blog post every day, but try to a couple of days a week. Once I’ve got an idea for a post and stick with it, it doesn’t usually take me long to write it all out and schedule it.

14:00 – Social Media

Since getting into Twitter (@laurenholliefit) I’ve found I’ve got a lot more to do on social media. Tweets don’t last long so I have to do them multiple times a day if I want anyone to see. I’ll plan Instagram photos (I usually post either first thing in the morning or after dinner), post on stories, and promote my classes across all platforms.

18:30 – Aerobics

19:15 – Bands, Bells, Bodyweight

20:00 – Trigger Point Pilates

Evening classes underway! Again this was covering for my mum so that’s not part of a usual week for me, although every week varies quite a lot. All of these classes were recorded and added to my online library, so if you sign up for a weekly or monthly membership, you get access to all of those even though they’re not part of my usual timetable. Bonus!

21:00 – Dinner!

I actually hate having dinner this late, I like to eat around 7pm usually, but when I’m in the middle of teaching at that time there’s not a lot of choice but to wait. Dinner is usually the meal that sometimes slacks in the plant based department, though I am getting used to just cooking my own meals separately.

22:00 – Bed

On a busy day like this one, I’ll easily be asleep by 11pm. I do spend time on social media after dinner, but am trying to get back into the habit of reading for at least 15 minutes before bed, and coming off my phone at least 30 minutes (aiming for an hour) before going to sleep – it really makes a massive difference!

I hope you enjoyed this mini insight into the life of a PT during lockdown! I like to keep busy but I’m not always this busy, but there wouldn’t be much point in writing a post about a boring day!

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  1. I came here for the personal training aspect and am leaving ready to click purchase on Why We Sleep! Thanks for the recommendation, going to follow you for more.

    Viki –

  2. Wow, that’s a hectic schedule! Very informative. And I’m very envious that you can complete a blog post in 1/2 hour – I clearly need to up my game!

    1. Not all my posts take that little don’t worry! I’m also very good at procrastinating sometimes!

  3. What a busy life you have Lauren! I’m like you, I don’t like to eat dinner (or tea as I call it!) late as I don’t like the bloated feeling before I go to bed! A great post lovely! x

    Lucy |

    1. I agree, I like to have a good couple of hours to let my food settle! Thanks for reading Lucy 🙂

  4. You’ve been doing so great during lockdown. Absolutely love all your Instagram content

  5. Wow, this is a super-packed day! Your breakfast looks amazing, I really want to get into making smoothie bowls and other pretty-looking options. Also howww do you write your posts in a half hour? I dilly-dally all over the place for hours before I get to hitting publish, haha!
    Yaya |

    1. Thank you, I love a smoothie bowl! Frozen banana is the best ingredient for them 😉 I definitely don’t write all my blog posts in half an hour, that was more for the sake of writing out a schedule haha! Sometimes it happens, other times I dilly-dally a LOT too.

  6. You are genuinely such an inspiration Lauren – whilst I am fully aware our lives are in most ways completely different (kids and office job compared to student/PT life!) you have thrown yourself into so much and rarely waste any time. I think you’re set up for a great career ahead whatever you decide to do and (even though you’ve said not every day is like this) you’re doing amazingly well and should be proud.

    1. Thank you so much Thomas!

  7. What an interesting post, and I love your honesty. Definitely sounds like you have busy days despite lockdown. And your breakfast looks absolutely delicious! ?

    Anika |

  8. Your days sound so busy especially with your covering your mum so she can have some time off as well! (How nice of you!) I love how active you are every day. I know it’s your job but it’s really inspired me to be more active too. I do HIIT workouts and Yoga every morning but I’m pretty sedentary for the rest of the day and I need to change that!

    1. They’re definitely not always this busy (although sometimes busier haha) but thank you! That’s amazing that you do those daily! You could try just going for a walk in the afternoon/evening to break up the rest of your day, something I’ve been doing on quieter days 🙂

  9. I love this post L! I knew you had a hectic life but I didn’t realise it was this hectic! You’re flowing with classes and your business is really growing! I’m also working on waking up earlier but I’m not a morning person so I’m finding I have a tea and end up not doing anything for a couple of hours! Must give this sleep book a read! Keep it up girl!❤️

    1. haha thank you! It doesn’t even seem that hectic to me until I explain it to someone else! The sleep book is a game changer 🙂

  10. You are such a busy woman! How do you have time to write blog posts and engage with your followers is beyond me. I love yoghurt with fruit and granola in the mornings – it’s so yummy and so refreshing!!

    1. Bear in mind I don’t do all of this every day, I might have a whole day of writing blog posts, then a whole day of teaching, then a whole day just interacting on social media! It all balances out 🙂

  11. Wow you must be absolutely knackered by the end of the day. I’ve had ‘why we sleep’ on my to-read list for ages but this post has reminded me that I need to read it asap. Your breakfast looks delicious, and it’s amazing that you also find time to write a blog post in between all the workout classes you run! You’re doing amazing x

    Roni |

  12. Sounds like such a busy day!! I would definitely be ready to sleep by 10pm if I did that routine haha. Since being in lockdown I have been loving doing my home workouts though, I work full time (usually 9-5) but because I’ve been working from home sitting at my desk I find that doing my workout after I finish really breaks up my day so I can separate my work and home life so its been great! You’re doing a fab job though, especially with your running too!!

    Chloe xx

    1. I love that, exercise definitely helps to break up the day!

  13. You’re so freaking productive, girl! Being a personal trainer sounds like a dream come true!!! This breakfast is one of my favorites, I like adding strawberries and banana. <3

    Do you have some snacks during the day or do you stick to breakfast, lunch, and dinner only?
    Thank you for sharing this. I really enjoyed reading it. <3

    1. Strawberries and bananas are my favourites, especially for a smoothie bowl!

      I am the queen of snacks!! I think as well because I’m used to going from one thing to the next or having lots of classes with little gaps, its easy to grab a snack in between to keep my energy up!

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