Gift Guide 2020: Art Edition

A few weeks ago I put out a tweet asking for small businesses to make themselves known so that we can all support more small/local businesses for our Christmas shopping this year! I think it’s so important to support small, whether it’s your friends/family business or not. When I sent out that tweet I got so many responses it was slightly overwhelming, and instead of producing one gift guide I’m doing multiple in different categories. So every day this week there will be a new gift guide full of small businesses you can support.

The first post is all about supporting artists. There is a huge community for this on Twitter and I love following different artist’s and following along with all their updates and watching them sell out! I think art is a really lovely gift too as it’s often one of a kind and completely unique which makes it all a bit more special.

I realise I might have left this post a little bit late so please do check with the sellers if they can do your order before Christmas. If not, keep them in mind for birthdays!

So without further ado…

Dragon Scale

Art work as stickers, pins, prints

Flora & Fauna Artist

Creating bookmarks, wall art, stationary

Art By Lena

Notebooks, Stickers, Prints


Digital Stickers

Thread Hot Shop

Embroidery Artist specialising in line and calligraphy

Porrino Art 

Prints and Stickers

Art of Alicia 

Adorable frog art – stickers, prints and plushies

Lauren Marie Studio 

Illustrator and calligrapher, greetings cards, home decor

Lune Bones 

Fantasy Artist selling art work and merch

Please take the time to check out a few of these insanely talented artists’ work today and I hope you find something you love! This kind of gift works for anyone: siblings, parents, grandparents, friends!

Leave a comment if you purchase anything from any of these stores, and if you have any more artists to shout out leave that in the comments too.

Check back tomorrow for another gift guide!

L x

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