Guest Post: 6 Simple Steps To Lead a Healthier Life

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This is a Guest Post written by Amber Page from The Unpredicted Page

We all wish we can be a little bit healthier don’t we? We think its too hard to eat fruit and veg everyday and run 5k a few times a week – I know I used to feel like this. It is so easy to feel down and not being able to get in the gym every day and eat super foods.

When really living a healthy lifestyle is being more than just physically fit. Living a healthy lifestyle means having a positive outlook on life. Waking up and everyday should feel like a fresh day. Having a positive and motivated mind set is just as important to improve your lifestyle as healthy eating is. So have a little look at some simple easy things you can do to improve your lifestyle and lead a healthier life.


Learning the best ways to meal prep is such an important factor in everyday life. It can not only save you money. But it can save you time. Money and time are two of the biggest factors of life. By meal prepping there’s little chance you will be wasting food. If you live alone or only buy food for one like I do, it can sometimes be hard to use up all your food before its ‘use by’ date. Therefore, this way you will be saving money.

This also goes along with the fact you will be less inclined to want a takeaway because you will already have a meal ready for you. Meal prepping can lead to a healthier lifestyle because if you are feeling lazy or you have had a long day at work, it means there is already a meal there waiting for you! You don’t have to spend the time having to cook up something healthy because you feel obliged to because it is already there for you.

The meals I usually prep are spaghetti tomato meatballs and chicken curry. I also use Dinner at the Zoo ideas for meal prepping.

meal prep dishes


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I have massively gotten into walking lately. There are so many positives of walking that it just makes sense to do it. Walking is a great way to clear your head and get into a positive frame of mind. It is also such a simple way to achieve a healthier lifestyle and to burn calories and get exercise. Exercise is incredibly important for you. You can walk with your friends or family and have a chat whilst you go. It can be a social activity for you as well as just exercising which is what makes it 10x better.

If you are not a fan of running, then don’t just stop right there. Take up walking!

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Avoiding negativity is so important. You will honestly feel so much better when you get rid of it all. Stop caring about what other people think and focus on you. End toxic relationships and cut people out if they are not contributing any positivity to your life. If you can recognise positivity you start to see more of it. What happens in your life is up to you so you need to make the changes when you aren’t happy.


This is something I like to do every now and then. I believe everyone should take a break from social media from time to time. When you take time away it helps you see the things that really matter. It gives you time to make the simple changes for  a healthier lifestyle. Less time spent on social media means more time for you to do things like make the bed. Things like making an effort to go for that little walk. Or gives you an extra 10 minutes to do that sit up workout you have always wanted to try.

Social media is one of the biggest causes of negativity and it is so important to just take a step back from it and wind down.


Reading a book is a great way to increase your vocabulary, take a break from social media and learn something new. Reading a book can take you into a different world and help you forget about all the stress and negativities you have. For a healthy life it is good to take a break from your own life every now and then.

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Taking up a new hobby can help with so many things. It gives you something to enjoy, you can meet new people and you can learn a new skill. Learning new things is a great part of living a healthy lifestyle. It keeps you social and it gives you something to do out of work. Having a healthy balance between work and life is extremely important. This is a little change in your life that will have such a big impact on you in the long term.

I hope you have picked up something from this post and have learnt that you do not have to make any drastic changes to achieve that desired healthy lifestyle!


This post is written by Amber Page.

” I run a lifestyle blog called The Unpredicted Page where I talk about everything from life advice and healthy living to blogging tips and university advice.”

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  1. AH! I needed this, ever since lockdown I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit! I try and take a break from social media every so often as it seems it’s all I look at these days! Xx

    1. So glad it helped! I’ve definitely been on socials a lot more the last few weeks, I think I need to start scheduling social media hours! I’ve found setting the limit on Instagram so I get a notification when I’ve spent 2 hours on there very helpful.

  2. Yes to all of these, especially taking a break from social media. I know as writers, it’s a great way to network but certainly not healthy to stay on all day

    1. Totally agree! It’s so easy to get caught up in it but definitely important to give yourself a break.

  3. I love these tips! They are all so simple and something we can all actually implement into our daily lives. I’ve been trying to go for more walks and I feel better each time!

    1. Walks outside are game changing aha. Love the fresh air and the opportunity to get a bit closer with nature!

      1. I love this post!! These tips are so helpful :))

  4. Meal prep changed my life and helped me lose so much weight and save a significant amount of money. Also, taking walks outside always helps, fresh air and breathing space ?

    1. Love that, I love my meal prep when I’m at college too, saves so much time and keeps me on track!

  5. All great suggestions. I know that I feel better when I meal prep healthy foods, take walks, and breaks from social media.

    1. me too! Thank you for reading x

  6. Meal prepping is one thing I can’t quite seem to get the hang of, don’t know why I am sure it’s fairly simple but I can’t wrap my brain around prepping and organization very well. I so badly want to just do it.

    ♥ Kadie @ The Great Canadian Housewife & A Story About A Girl

    1. it gets easier once you have a few go-tos, I might do a post on mine! otherwise, Pinterest is great for ideas 🙂

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