Bit of a different post today… I wanted to share my experience of testing positive for Coronavirus. I know that it affects people very differently so I thought I’d sum up my experience and how it affected me, and how I am now. I tested positive on the 18th October, so it’s been a little while now so I can also talk about some of the longer term side effects.

I did also vlog the experience in two parts (week one and week two of my isolation period) which you can watch here if you’re interested:

Part One

Part Two

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I first got symptoms on the Thursday, although only realised this in hindsight as I didn’t have a continuous cough or any of the other known symptoms to look out for at this point. To set the scene, it was our first week back at dance college since the previous two weeks we’d been isolating because of other cases at college, and on the Thursday we had a really full out day – 6 classes 1hour 15mins each (7.5 hours full out dancing in total), from 9am til 6:30pm, half of which was also in heels. So as you can imagine I was exhausted by the end of that anyway, but literally every muscle in my body was aching so much and I felt so run down, but literally just put it down to exhaustion because training had been so intense that week.

Thursday night I woke up so many times in the night literally sweating and so woke up on Friday feeling pretty rough, but again put it down to exhaustion. Friday is my day off anyway, so I just tired to chill out and rest, but didn’t feel much better on Saturday.


I got my test on the Sunday morning, but only went to get one because 2 people in my class had tested positive (they’d both been in and gone home ill and got a test) so it was more of a precautionary thing. The test results came back positive the following morning and at that point I wasn’t really surprised.


I’ve never slept so much in my life. The main symptom I had was just feeling exhausted, I slept for 10-11 hours each night for the first week, and also had naps during the day. I spent the week in bed watching Netflix (I binge watched Emily In Paris) and YouTube and didn’t have much energy to do anything else. I never got a cough but did have a bit of a sore throat and achy neck, and just felt a bit bunged up. On the Monday evening my sense of taste and smell were completely gone, which was horrible. All the food I ate just tasted like mush in my mouth.


By the end of the first week I was feeling pretty much normal again, thankfully. I was itching to leave the flat, and technically could have done sooner than I did as they say you can finish your isolation 10 days after your symptoms started. But because my flatmate didn’t get a test, she had to isolate for 14 days since she came in contact with the ‘case’, which we counted from the first day of my symptoms and did 14 days from then. Honestly all the different isolation periods and lengths are so confusing. My taste gradually started to come back not long after the second week, but it was more that I could just tell the difference between sweet/savoury/spicy etc, and not specific flavours.


I didn’t really realise how much it had affected my breath until I taught a Barre and Pilates class on the Monday of my second week of isolation (on Zoom) and was SO out of breath even doing Pilates which just isn’t normal for me. The first week back in full time dancing was hard going on my lungs too, but a lot of my class mates also had Covid at the same time, so we were in it together and wasn’t as bad.

Even now, nearly 2 months later, I still can’t taste 100% – it’s a lot better than it was but I know that some things still don’t taste right. I also can’t smell at all still, which is really sad because I bought a lot of candles that I can’t appreciate!

My breath still isn’t 100% right either, so I’m just hoping that gets back to normal for January for the start of term again.

Have you tested positive? Or someone you know? What were your symptoms like?

I hope everyone is staying safe in this time, take care!

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L x

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  1. I’m sorry you still can’t taste properly, that’s rubbish! Some people I know had it back in June and they’re in the same situation ? I’m glad you’ve mainly got over it, and I’m sure in the next few months you’ll start to feel more normal. Great post, thanks for sharing this experience ?

    1. The taste is the worst bit haha, and I just want to smell my candles! Thank you for reading!

  2. Thank you for sharing your experiences and I hope everything gets back to normal for you soon. It just shows that even someone as fit and healthy as you can get floored by this virus.

    1. Thank you! It definitely goes to show it affects everyone differently.

  3. My dad tested postive about a month ago and I had to isolate for 14 days. Hes much better now and no one else in my household managed to catch it. I work in hospital (non clinical role) but I also have a younger sister at junior school, chances are we were going to get it at some point. It’s so strange hearing about the side effects long term. My dad’s taste was out for a good couple of weeks, I think he’s pretty much back to normal now.

    Hayley || hayleyxmartin

    1. I’m glad your dad is back to normal now and it didn’t affect you guys too much! Chances are everyone will get it at some point before the vaccine comes along, no matter how careful you are!

  4. This was really interesting to read your experience and I’m so glad you are feeling better. I haven’t had Covid but a few friends have and they have all said the same thing – that months down the line, they are still struggling with breathing and their sense of smell.

    1. It’s crazy isn’t it! I hope you don’t have to experience it x

  5. Thank you for sharing your experience and I hope everything goes back to normal for you soon – glad you’re feeling better xx

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! x

  6. It was interesting reading about your Covid experience Lauren, I’m glad that you’re ok now, it’s just such a shame that you still can’t taste very well and you’re still getting a little breathless. My Uncle and my older cousin have just got diagnosed with Covid so I hope it doesn’t effect them too badly x

    Lucy |

    1. Fingers crossed for your family! It’s mad how it affects people so differently, and some don’t get symptoms at all!

  7. […] My highlight of this month was that my friend Leah came to visit, and we managed to go pumpkin picking before the second round of isolation…. which was when I tested positive! I wrote a post about my experience with coronavirus here. […]

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