Keeping Fit in Isolation

Hello my beautiful people! Today I’m talking about keeping fit in isolation. I know a lot of people are stressing out about their bodies whilst we’re in this self isolation period, especially since no one knows how long we’re going to be in this situation for, and all the gyms are now shut with no re-opening date as of yet. But not to panic, because I know for a fact that you do not need to go to the gym to maintain or lose weight, to make progress or just stay where you are without losing any strength. Home workouts can be extremely effective if you know what you’re doing, and if you don’t then there’s plenty of people out here to help you along.

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I spent a few hours putting together a home workout guide of my own which you can download and I’ll link it in at the bottom of this post. But it’s not all about me, I wanted to share with you some other resources/people/pages that have been keeping me going over the last couple of weeks and hope that you’ll find them useful too!


  1. SHREDDY App – I’ve had this app created by Grace Beverley since it launched in October, and although you might have seen mixed reviews as there were definitely some teething problems to start with, I love this app and now it has the option to switch your programme to a home version so you can still reach the same goals. It also comes with a meal plan which is super useful. This is the website and you can also check out the Instagram page which has a tonne of free workouts. I might do a whole post on this in the future so let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in!
  2. @livestreamdancefitness – This account creates daily timetables of all (or a hell of a lot at least) the dance and fitness classes that are available via Instagram LIVES. I’ve done loads of these and find them really motivating, there are some great teachers out there doing an amazing job.
  3. @stephelswood – aka HealthyChefSteph. I met Steph at my first Stay Sassy event last year, and love following her account! It’s the perfect mix of positivity and keeping it real, fitness and food tips, and she’s just started doing Stay Sassy Live events too, the next one is on Sunday at 5pm and I highly recommend you get on it if you can!
  4. @lottie.daisy – I’ve done a couple of Lottie’s Instagram workouts now, the next one is Abs Blast at 10am tomorrow (Wednesday) and I can’t wait – doing a workout in the morning is the best thing you can do, it sets you up for the day without a doubt.
  5. @heelsandfeelsukI’m yet to make it to a ‘real life’ Heels and Feels class, but once this is over I definitely will be! As well as dance classes they also hold a daily meditation session at 10am and 3 nights a week at 10pm, and I got into a habit of doing this every day last week and felt so refreshed and peaceful afterwards. I fell off the wagon with it at the weekend because I was at work but I highly recommend!

If you have any more favourites to share with me I’d love to hear about them.

Now feel free to go and peek at my fitness guides.

L x

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