‘Loving You’: 10 Small Things That Make You Happy

The series continues! I’m trying to think of little things that I’m grateful for, some of them may not be small to me, but are small the grand scheme of things.

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  1. Dance – in all of its forms! Whether I’m dancing or watching other people dance or watching a dance video or even Strictly Come Dancing, I’m happy.
  2. Chocolate – I’m 100% a chocoholic and definitely couldn’t live without it. I’ve been doing a vegan challenge recently since watching The Game Changers on Netflix, and chocolate is definitely the hardest thing! Vegan chocolate is not the same.
  3. Going to London – There’s normally a reason for the trip such as going to an event, a dance class, to watch a performance, or meet friends, but being in London always makes me happy.
  4. Having a completely free evening – when you’ve spent weeks rushing around between college, work and whatever else and you finally get a day where you get home at 5pm and can actually just chill out. Yes please.
  5. Feeling organised – I’m either super organised or the complete opposite and there’s no in between.
  6. Making new internet friends – I’ve been making genuine friends online since I was about 14, and I love connecting with new people whether it’s on here, Twitter or Instagram.
  7. Reaching a blog/Instagram milestone – Can seem pretty insignificant in the real world but it definitely sparks happiness when I reach a new follower/like goal.
  8. Receiving a positive Instagram message – I’ve had my fitness account for about a year now and occasionally I receive a message about how I’ve inspired someone or helped them out without realising, just by posting my experiences and that definitely makes my heart happy.
  9. Having my nails done – Whether this is having gels or acrylics done or just sticking on a £1 set from Primark, having my nails done instantly lifts my mood.
  10. Getting an unexpected discount – You know when you get to the till and something goes through for less than what it says on the tag? Winning.

Big or small, I think it’s so important to recognise things that make you happy! What are some of yours?

L x

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