‘Loving You’: 10 Things You’re Thankful For

I actually can’t believe I’ve been doing these posts for 5 weeks already… I tried to think of some bigger things and smaller things, obvious and not so, so here goes!

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  1. Family and Friends – obviously.
  2. Ability to work – I’ve been working since I did work experience in Year 10, got a Saturday job straight from that and then had my first proper job the summer after I turned 16, and have had lots of completely different jobs since, all of which I’m grateful for the opportunity to try different things and gain all the experience. I also enjoy the independence that working has given me.
  3. Dance – another obvious one for anyone that knows anything about me! Without dance, I honestly don’t know what I’d do or what I’d be, as corny as it sounds, I don’t know what I’d do without it.
  4. Fitness – I’m incredibly grateful for the impact fitness has had on my life, from getting my fitness qualifications, teaching classes, just going to the gym for myself, working briefly for Beachbody, all the fitness events I’ve been to, my fitness instagram account, it goes on.
  5. Having a healthy body – I’m grateful every single day that my body can do all of the things it can and what I demand of it day in day out.
  6. Opportunities – From work opportunities, dance opportunities, opportunities I had in school, opportunities I get now in college, I’ve been very lucky with things that I’ve been able to experience.
  7. My car – I learnt to drive as soon as I turned 17 and passed my test a few months before my 18th and out of pure luck and good timing managed to get a car straight away. Without that car I wouldn’t have been able to get to half my dance classes, to work or do anything for myself and again has given me so much independence.
  8. Independence – Think I’ve already mentioned this one…
  9. Rights – Human rights and working rights and women’s rights etc are all things that so many of us just take for granted and it’s not until you really sit down and think about it that you realise how important they are and how lucky we are to have them in this country.
  10. Education – Another thing that most would take for granted, but I can safely say I’ve enjoyed the vast majority of my education and always loved school from a young age, and to still be in full time education at the age of 21 with at least another year left after this one to complete my current qualification really says it all!

Do you practise gratitude? I’d love to hear one or two things that you’re thankful for that you might take for granted.

L x

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