‘Loving You’: 3 Rules You Try To Live By

Week 3: 3 Rules You Try To Live By

I thought this post would be easy but it turns out narrowing everything you try to do in your life down to 3 rules, actually proves to be quite difficult…

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  1. Everything Happens For a Reason – As someone who has never taken the ‘easy’ route for anything, like starting a degree for the second time (in the same city I started a degree course the first time, but 3 years later) at the age of 21 after watching the majority of my friends graduate this year, but knowing that I made the right decisions and I’ve ended up exactly where I need/want to be, I’ve always believed everything happens for a reason and I’m the proof.
  2. If You Believe You Can Achieve – I found this quote years ago and have gone with it ever since because as much as I don’t have the most confidence or self belief at all, I know that once you start believing in yourself even just a little bit, you do start achieving and I really do believe you can do anything you set your mind to.
  3. Expect Nothing, Appreciate Everything – You can still have expectations but lowering them and not expecting anything from anyone not only means less chance of being let down or disappointed, but also allows you to appreciate what you do have and everything that comes your way a hell of a lot more.

I’d love to hear what your rules to live by are!

L x

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