‘Loving You’: Define Love in Your Life

Week 14: Define Love in Your Life

So this is the final week of this blog series, guess I need to start planning my next one! I think this might also be the first time ever that I’ve actually stuck to something like this from start to finish so proud moment for me.

So what is love in my life? It seems like a simple question until you start actually thinking about it and realise there might actually be more to it? Or maybe that’s just me overthinking.

I’m going to answer it simply anyway, I’d say there are three main sources of love in my life right now… one being my family, who I have got closer to as I’ve got older and appreciate more now that I’ve moved away from home. The second being my friends – I don’t have a main group of friends as such, but a few close friends that are separate from each other if that makes sense. And the third has to be my love for dance which I hope never changes!

L x

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