‘Loving You’: The biggest way you’ve changed in the last year

Week 12: ‘Loving You’: The biggest way you’ve changed in the last year

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Honestly I think that 2019 was the year I changed the most, and all in good ways and in terms of self improvement and development, and I’m still working to carry that into 2020.

In January of 2019 I was so excited to get back to dance training after Christmas, I had a breast reduction in the summer of 2018 so the first term of my second year was quite slow because I was still recovering. So when January came I was buzzing to get back to the studio and start pushing myself harder than ever, and that’s exactly what I did.


Alongside that came my fitness journey, which you can watch unfold on my fitness Instagram account by clicking here. I’m still very much on that journey and I’m not where I want to be yet, but I am proud of myself when I look back at everything I’ve achieved already and the changes I’ve made. This fitness journey has also been a journey of building my confidence and self belief too.


I won’t go into detail on this but I also completely changed my ‘life plan’ for the next few years as well, as I was planning to just do one more year of training but I ended up auditioning again (if you know you know) and now I’m enrolled on another 3 year course in a completely different city (the one I went to uni in 3 years ago) and although at the time it seemed like a crazy move, I can absolutely say for certain that it was the right one to make and exactly what I needed. So that’s been pretty major too, especially moving away from home again and getting that extra level of independence back.

So I think that a lot has changed over the last year and so have I! I also cut off my long brown (with a reddish tint) hair and have gone blonde and much shorter, which I love.

Here’s to lots more change for the better in the next year as well!

L x

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  1. It’s been quite a year!

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