‘Loving You’: What do you want to achieve within yourself within the next 5 years?

This is a big one! 5 years is a long time, and when I think about what I’ve achieved in the last 5 years – multiple jobs, fitness qualifications, A Levels, finished school and went to uni for a year before realising it wasn’t what I wanted, switching to a full time dance college, finishing that and then starting another dance school… countless auditions, workshops, classes, performances, passing my driving test, I’ve had two cars, so much has happened! It’s quite scary to think about the amount of things that have happened since 2014, and thinking ahead to 2024 is even scarier… I’ll be 26, but honestly I’m completely out of it when it comes to age, having spent the last two years every day with people 3 years younger than me, I kinda think I’m still 18. Which makes 26 sound very far away!

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One thing I definitely want to have achieved is to have started my professional dance career, and gotten a few jobs by 26. I’m still not entirely sure what I want those jobs to be, I kinda want to do everything. Cruise ships, west end, music videos, you name it. As long as I’m dancing!

I don’t think I particularly want to be settled down in one place with a house and everything, so maybe just renting my own place, I definitely want to live in London at some point in my life. I do definitely not want to be living at home at 26 though, so moving out is a goal!

I want to travel the world a little more, ideally this will happen on dance jobs but if not then I do still want to travel regardless.

My last thing I’d like to achieve is more confidence in myself. I’ve come a long way in the last 5 years in deciding and taking charge of what I want to do with my life, and actually starting to believe I can do it. But I know that if I don’t start to fully believe it then none of this will ever happen, so here’s to self belief and confidence.

What are some of the things you’d like to achieve by 2024? Can you even think that far?!

L x

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