‘Loving You’: Write a Letter to your 40 year old self

Dear 40 year old Lauren,

I’m writing this to you age 21, sat in my bedroom in my little 2 bed flat in Leicester, having just got home from teaching at Boost after a long day of show rehearsals for the Addict January Showcase. I hope show week is still your favourite, though I expect you’re more of a choreographer than a dancer now. Maybe you’ve got your own dance school putting on a show?

Whatever you’re doing, I hope you’re still loving life, 40 seems like a long way away but at the same time I hope you’ve still got a lot of years left to live and love. I hope you have more of a love life than me right now, I’d love for you to be settled down, married, and a couple of children keeping you on your toes.

I hope you’re still into fitness too, maybe you’re personal training now? Still dancing I hope, though I’ll let you off if it’s not professionally anymore.

I hope you’ve got a lovely home, no matter how big but somewhere that truly feels like home, wherever that is.

I know you will have achieved so much, and I’m so proud of you for everything you’ve done. Here’s to many more achievements for the next 20 years!

L x

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