‘Loving You’: Write a Letter to your Body

Week Seven: Write a letter to your body

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Look after your body. It’s the only one you’ve got and the only place you have to live.

Dear body,

I’m learning to love you more and more everyday and I can only apologise for the abuse you’ve gotten from me over the years. I’ve put you through so much and I’m eternally grateful that you always seem to pull through.

I’ve been lucky enough to not have any serious health issues and am so thankful for this, and the fact that you’ve overcome so many injuries from dance and the odd illness, and always come out the other end stronger than ever. You survive the vigorous dance training and fitness sessions and come back stronger when I get mad at you for not meeting my impossible standards for myself.

I’m so grateful for everything you do every day and everything you’re capable off, and I promise to start loving you more and more and appreciating everything you can do. I promise to fuel you with the right things and listen to what you need, including when you need a break.

L x

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