‘Loving You’: Your Dream Job

I’ve been working hard towards my dream job for the last three years in full on dance training, and of course my dream job is a dancer.

Once upon a time it might have been to be in a contemporary dance company, and that might still come my way in the future but theres so much more now.

I really want to dance on a cruise ship and maybe a couple of holiday seasons abroad too so that I can travel and see the world at the same time as working. I also want to dance on tv, the saturday night shows are real bucket listers. I’d love to perform in a show in the West End or a touring show too.

Being a dancer isn’t just the most obvious jobs you can think of, there’s so many opportunities for dancers now and I’d love to do as many as I can!

What’s your dream job? Does it have a straight pathway or a bit all over the place like mine?

L x

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