Making The Most of Your Uni Bedroom

Uni bedrooms have a bit of a stigma for being not at all homely and uncomfortable to live in, and I definitely had that experience in my first year of uni when I was in halls type accommodation. This time around though, we live in more of a ‘private’ student accommodation and it was much nicer from the start, but I’ve also made more of an effort to make my bedroom especially, look how I want it. Being in lockdown has given me the time to actually properly sort out my room, give it a spring clean and buy new things to spruce it up and help my organisation.

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When I moved in at the end of August, I didn’t have a lot. I brought the majority of clothes here, and that made up most of my belongings. A couple of books I’d been meaning to read, notebooks and my make up/skincare collection and that was pretty much it so it didn’t take me long to unpack and find homes for things. However, since then I’ve definitely collected a lot more things, and was beginning to get frustrated with how little storage I had and how messy my room was all the time just because I didn’t have anywhere to put anything. It doesn’t help that I have a really bad habit of getting things out and leaving them out instead of putting them back in ‘their home’.

So, when lockdown started and I figured out I’d got very lucky with my furlough pay, I decided it was finally time to sit down and figure out how to make my room feel more like home and not just a temporary place I’m currently staying in. After all, we’re not moving out for good this summer, although we can’t actually stay here in July and August, all our stuff will stay here and we’ll be back here in September. I’m so happy that I didn’t have to bother with all the hassle of finding a new flat this year.


This was the biggest thing for me. As I mentioned, my main problem was that I didn’t have enough storage to put things away and make my room look presentable, it was just a constant mess with piles of stuff everywhere.


Before buying any storage, you need to work out what storage you actually need. Take one area of your room at a time and take everything out, go through each and every item and decide if it is still of use to you. If it’s not, put it aside. If you’ve got skincare and clothing in the same drawer, take it all out so you can put items in categories to make them easier to find. By the end of this stage you might end up with everything you own spread across your bed or in the middle of the floor. That’s what we’re going to fix – make sure you have your categories grouped together so you can see how much you have of each thing.

At the end, go through the pile you put aside and decide what needs to go in the bin and what can be donated or sold.

My categories looked like this:

  • Make Up / Skincare / Beauty / Hair Products
  • Books
  • Stationary / Notebooks
  • Important ‘stuff’

When I moved in I did buy a storage chest that sits in my wardrobe, and that’s where my underwear and pyjamas live now. I also have clear storage boxes that slide under my bed so I can access them easily. I recently got some over door hooks to hang bags and jackets, which got cleared out of my wardrobe so that I was actually able to close the doors (hallelujah).

My favourite storage item I found was this desk shelf organiser, it’s actually two separate pieces balanced on top of each other so you can change it around depending on what you want to go on it and what kind of space you have. It’s made my desk feel a lot less cluttered and feel more spacious. I also have the wire baskets that are really useful.

I then got the set of shelves because the space at the bottom of my bed was literally just being used as a dumping ground and it was a hot mess.

I also got wire baskets which I use one of to store all my notebooks, and the other one to store all my hair products.

First pick a colour scheme, my walls are all an off white colour that I can’t change because I’m renting, so if you’re in a similar position don’t think that your room has to stay super plain! My main colour is a dusty pink/rose gold. Once you have chosen a colour, buy accessories such as bedding, cushions, wall prints etc. You could also add plants (fake ones if you’re bad at looking after them or don’t have enough natural light).

Some accessories I got:

If you like the style of my bedroom, I made a whole list on my Amazon Storefront as a kind of mood board for everything that’s in my room.


Can’t afford to buy new additions for your room? Make it feel a bit different by just moving your furniture around, maybe put your bed under the window or even just turn your bed around so your head is at the opposite end when you’re sleeping. Anything to make your room feel fresh. I like to move my room around probably once a year? Give it a go!

Basically, step number one is to do a deep clean of your room, step two is make sure you have enough storage that doesn’t look too ugly so you can feel like there’s a place for everything and can always put things away so there’s never a reason to accumulate a pile of junk at the bottom of your bed like I did. Step three is to pick a theme or colour scheme and buy accessories that match. Make sure you’ve got some homely additions: for me that’s my fairy lights, sunrise lamp, plants and photos from home.

I hope this gave you some inspiration to give your room a little spring clean!

L x

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  1. I absolutely love this idea!!! My first year in halls was an absolute nightmare because my room felt so plain and sterile. X

    1. I had the same problem in my first year! Kinda wish I’d followed my own advice back then haha as I definitely could have done more with it!

  2. This is so cool, had to learn it the hard way ?. I especially love the accessorizing and lights makes it more himeu

    1. Haha I kinda learnt as I went along too! Lights are probably my favourite thing to make it feel more homely 🙂

  3. Lovely post! This is have me great inspiration for a new room organization.

    1. Thank you, glad it helped! 🙂

  4. This post will help me a lot as I’ll be getting into my University soon. I find it hard to figure out how to store my stuff. I get bored decluttering , it’s the hardest task. Thank you for sharing this post!

  5. I have never been to Uni but I feel like it’s so little space to work with that you don’t really have a choice but to stay organised! I do love how yours looks! Well done x

    1. Yeah that is true most of the time, I’ve been a lot luckier with space this time around compared with my first uni room! Thank you 🙂

  6. This took me back to when I was at uni, I had a room of a similar size as yours and after a year or so when I was so homesick, I revamped my entire room and make it look more homey and cosy while also being efficient. You have done a great job in decorating this, kudos!

    1. aw thank you! It definitely helps when you feel at home in your new space 🙂

  7. Love this! Definitely motivates me to declutter and reorganize some things! I have a few trouble areas in my room – mainly the desk and right beside my bed – so I’m going to tackle those first

    1. sounds like a plan! Glad I could help 🙂 My desk is always a bit of a trouble area too!

  8. This is such a great post! I didn’t go to uni but I’ve seen loads of people with super cute uni rooms and I think it’s a great opportunity to really curate your own space!

    1. Thank you Jenny! It is, I’ve got the taste for it now I can totally see how decorating gets addictive!

  9. I changed everything in my uni room in first and second year to try and make it more homely! I love the lights you got!

    1. Thank you! I love them as well, they definitely make it more homely.

  10. This made me remember Uni days, my room is just as small as yours and it was a hot mess with lots of things. I’m so glad you were able to fit it all together. Your room looks great

    1. My room at home is a hot mess with lots of things so that’s gonna be my next project haha!

  11. Fab post! Sometimes you need to be really imaginative in order to make the space to work best for you and looks like you’ve managed it perfectly! Thank you for sharing xx

    1. Absolutely! Thank you so much 🙂

  12. Love the desk shelves organiser, definitely frees up some space, doesn’t it? I love to have an re-organise and moving furniture about, gives a different feel to the room and like you say, sometimes create space that you didn’t realise you had!

    Great post!

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

    1. Yeah I think that’s my favourite part too, I was shocked at how much space it created! Thank you for reading 🙂

  13. When I went to uni I definitely found making my room “homely” really helped me settle in and also made me enjoy being there as well. Otherwise it ends up just feeling like you are staying in a hotel room haha xx

    1. 100%! I love being here now because I love my space. Totally changes things!

  14. I love that desk shelf set. It really does make all the difference when your space is organized, doesn’t it? That was one of the biggest difference makers for me when I was attending Uni and living in the dorm rooms. Thank you for sharing these tips!

    1. Me too, definitely my favourite part! It makes so much difference for sure. Thanks for reading!

  15. I didn’t go to university so I didn’t have this problem but I can still relate! I had got the storage down to a T in my old bedroom but since moving and things seem to be much less organised! Thanks for sharing as this may be the motivation I need to put some time aside to get organised!

    1. I’m glad it helped a bit! It can absolutely be applied to moving too 🙂 I’ll be following the same process when I go back home for summer as I’ve been kicked out of my old bedroom and now in the box room haha!

  16. These are great tips! I didn’t go to uni, I moved out at 17 and was doing an apprenticeship but some of my friends could really have done with your advice!

    1. Thank you! I hope it helps a couple of people at least 🙂

  17. Love this!!! Ive chosen private rental hall.type accommodation because the on campus buildings were so small and sterile looking!!! The room I will be in is genuinely nice? I’ve been thinking rose and grey for a colour theme too so this post is super helpful and I hadn’t really thought of buying little bits of storage etc so this post has been really great!!!! Your room and photos look gorgeous and this is a really good post. Xxxx

    1. Ooh is this your first year of uni? so exciting! It makes such a difference not being on campus! Thank you so much for reading, I’m so glad it helped you out 🙂

  18. Smart ideas! I organized Marie Kondo style, and that helped me a lot too. I live in a condo not a small uni room, but it’s still a smaller space and stuff gets cluttered up quick so tidying and organizing are so important. Plus, I think it’s great for your mental health to live in a place that isn’t a mess.

    1. I agree! This stuff deffo works for any small space not just uni accomodation. It definitely has an impact on mental health!

  19. this was a really interesting read since i start uni in september, fingers crossed i can move into halls then aah xxxx

    1. ah fingers crossed for you! I hope that you found it useful 🙂

  20. I love this post! When I first moved into halls I really tried my hardest to make my room feel cosy because they can easily look so boring.

    1. yep I know the feeling, white walls, cheap furniture and hideous carpet! You’ve gotta work with what you’ve got.

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