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One of my favourite things about blogging has always been the community that comes with it, and I’ve made so many friends through having this blog that I’m so grateful for. I love reading other blogs almost as much as writing my own and connecting with the beautiful people behind the blogs!

When Eleanor reached out and asked to collaborate on a blog post, I jumped at the chance. We thought it’d be a nice way for readers to get to know us a little better and expand our audiences. So once you’ve read this post, make sure you head over to Eleanor’s blog and check out the interview I did with her. Eleanor blogs about film and book reviews as well as lifestyle posts.

If you’re one of my blogging friends reading this and would like to participate in something like this, let me know either in the comments or send me a message and I might make this a more regular feature on here!

What first got you interested in blogging and how long have you been doing it? 

I first got involved in blogging when I was in school as a place to put reviews, and it just kind of grew from there. I’ve only really been focusing on it properly since finishing University (before that it was more of a summer holiday hobby). I’m hoping to see it continue to grow and flourish now that I can actually dedicate time to building it!

How do you find balancing work/study and blogging? Do you find time to prioritise your health and exercise?

Balancing studying and blogging was quite difficult, and my blog engagement definitely went down during term-time. I hope when I find a graduate role I can keep my own blog going a lot better than when I was in University. I find it helpful to schedule posts for times when I know I’m going to be busier, as it ensures I have regular content- even if my engagement goes down a little.

I think finding time to prioritise your health and exercise is so important. I try to put aside at least 15 minutes for a quick workout each day, and walk for half an hour- but sometimes if I’m engrossed in writing a new post it gets put to the side for the day!

What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

I really enjoy putting my ideas out there, and the act of writing posts is very enjoyable to me. I’ve always liked writing and so for me a blog is the perfect way to practice my written skills. When I receive positive feedback on my posts or on my writing it always brightens my day!

Do you enjoy using social media to promote your site? What’s your favourite social media site? How do you feel about social media in general?

I think in general social media can be used for good and for bad. It can get so toxic if you have the wrong attitude towards it- or if it becomes your entire life. But in terms of blogging, social media is definitely something I enjoy using. My favourite social media site is Twitter as the community over there is amazing- I’ve met so many great people, and I’ve also brought people across to my blog which is lovely to see.

What are the top 3 brands you’d love to work with?

I’d love to work with The Ordinary, Paperchase, and Modibodi. All very different brands, but all with products I absolutely love- and use daily!

What is your favourite go to recipe?

I’m not the best cook, but I can make a few (very simple) vegetarian meals. I’m actually not a vegetarian anymore, but I spent my first and second year of University cooking healthy vegetarian meals, and they’re still some of my favourites!

I think my go to is fajitas using Quorn chicken pieces and lots of bright coloured peppers and other vegetables- delicious!

What is your proudest achievement?

My proudest achievement is gaining my undergraduate degree this year (during the pandemic) as I love academia and I really thrived at University. Finishing studies during a pandemic also made me feel like I could do anything, and it was definitely a skill-building experience on reflection.


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  1. This was a really interesting post! On my way to read Eleanor’s blog now! xx

    mia //

  2. Aw thanks for the lovely shout out- I agree I love the sense of blogging community we all have, it really makes it a fun thing to do 🙂

    1. Thanks for being part of this! 🙂

  3. Great post. Congratulations on the Undergraduate degree Eleanor, that really is some achievement while the world is upside down!

    1. Thanks for reading + supporting 🙂

  4. This was a lovely read, congratulations on the Undergraduate Degree Eleanor! x

    Lucy |

  5. Great interview! Thank you for sharing. I love finding out more about the bloggers behind the blogs. The Quorn fajitas sound delish!

    1. Me too! And fajitas are my fave – they’re great with tofu too!

  6. Awesome post! I enjoyed reading it and getting to know the blogger more

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