My Perfected Quarantine Routine

I think I’ve finally got into a routine – as much routine as is going to happen in these circumstances anyway. But it’s been a whole week of this being a pretty consistent routine now, and I feel pretty good about it, so I thought I’d share.

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Wake up, wash face and brush teeth, have breakfast and a coffee. Aim to do this before checking phone and catching up on notifications/social media.


Workout, I have been following the Shreddy app along with the challenge that they recently launched, I am on the 5 Day Tone Up Home Guide. I’ve had the Shreddy app since it launched in October and highly recommend it, the app has improved so much since then and they are continually improving it still. This is the third challenge I’ve taken part in and love the sense of community! I might do a full review of the Shreddy app on here soon. I’ve also been doing some live workouts on Instagram, including Lottie’s Abs Attack and Maeve’s workouts. Even though I’m a Personal Trainer, I like to have the hassle taken out of working out and like to have a plan to stick to – equally I prefer designing workouts for other people rather than myself.


Lunch time! I’ve really been enjoying having time to make whatever I want for lunch, instead of having some pasta salad out of a plastic Tupperware that’s been sat in the fridge for days.


Work time! I’ve been doing the Optimum Nutrition Course: Optimum Nutrition for Health and Performance and I’m really enjoying it. I’d been wanting to do a nutrition course for a while now so that I can feel better equipped to help my clients with that as well as the fitness side of things. I aim to do one module a day at the moment. I’ve also got uni work to do, I have a deadline in a few weeks so I’ve got that to work on too. Once I’ve done that I might also write a blog post or schedule one.


Dinner time! This actually varies, this is the time I eat if I don’t have any evening dance classes to do. If I do have class, dinner gets pushed back to 8/8:30 depending on the time of the class.

Most of the dance classes I’ve been doing tend to be 6/7/8pm so that goes in here too.


Wind down and get ready for bed. Perform some kind of self care, whether that’s a bath, face mask, full body moisturise or paint my nails. I’ll then do my final social media burst of the day, interact with my favourite accounts, post on my own feed if I haven’t already and then put my phone down for the night. Once my phone is down, I pick up my book and read at least one chapter, more if I’m not feeling super tired! Right now I’m reading Girl, Stop Apologising by Rachel Hollis – and highly recommend, along with the first one Girl, Wash Your Face. I usually go to sleep between 11-12.

And that’s pretty much it! Honestly, it’s kinda freaking me out how quickly the days are going, it seems to get to reading time quicker and quicker. I feel much better now that I’ve managed to incorporate a bit of a routine into my days, so if you are struggling then I do recommend you make yourself a routine too – it doesn’t have to be as structured as mine, even just having a similar wake up/sleep time can help.

Let me know how you’re getting on and if you have a routine or not! Do you find it helps to have a schedule?

Stay safe lovelies x

L x

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic routine! I definitely function a whole lot better with a routine but I find it tricky to maintain one with three little kids. I try to get in a workout a few days a week as well. Thanks for sharing what you do for exercise. I’m glad you’ve found a routine that works well for you!

    1. I can imagine, I find it hard to stick to with zero kids! Stay safe x

  2. Routine definitely helps with my sanity haha Great post! I love seeing someone not waking up at 5 am – it makes me feel so much better about myself

    1. Haha I’ve never woken up at 5am and never will!

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