From Monday 1st June 2020 I am launching online fitness classes. My aim is to create a community of people who want to feel better about themselves, more comfortable in their own body through exercise, enjoy working out with me and ultimately have fun while working out. Classes include Abs Blast, HIIT, Pilates, Barre, Conditioning, scroll to see the timetable! Suitable for all levels and ages. Head to the bottom of this page to see some testimonials!


Classes will be taught on Zoom, which you can download for free on your PC or phone/tablet/iPad. You can choose to have your camera on or off during class and will be muted for the duration of class, but can talk to each other before and after! Classes will be recorded (just my video, don’t worry) so that you can catch up on any classes you missed. You’ll also be added to a private group on Facebook which you will gain access to following payment, and class recordings will be posted in there. Some classes may also be taught via Facebook Live in the group. Don’t worry if you don’t have Facebook as these will also be uploaded to YouTube via a private link.


All classes must be booked and paid for in advance.

Payments will be taken via PayPal – please state which level membership or class you are paying for when making the payment.


This is the current timetable, subject to change. Also see below for a description of each class.


30 minute abs class focused on strengthening the core, guaranteed to get you sweating and ready to take on the week.


30 minute high intensity (not necessarily high impact so don’t be put off!) workout that will target each area of your body. Guaranteed to get you sweating! See my post about HIIT Training for more of an insight.


45 minutes of more gentle exercise and movement that will still let you know that you’ve worked hard the next day. Focused improving on core strength, posture, alignment, balance and co-ordination. For more info see my post Benefits of Pilates and Who Is It For?


45 minutes of continuous exercise working your aerobic fitness levels as well as challenging your muscles, building strength and endurance. This will be a full body workout focusing on engaging muscles you didn’t know you had, and targeting those areas we all love to hate (bums, tums, thighs).


This will be a 30 minute Barre class (ballet inspired conditioning moves) and a 15 minute stretch/Trigger Point release. Prickle balls are recommended for this class (purchase here) but don’t worry if you don’t have them, you can still participate in the whole class. No dance experience necessary!


45 minute class combining traditional Pilates matwork with myofascial release using equipment (foam roller, ball/cushion and prickle balls mentioned above – if you can only get one piece of equipment get the balls, they’re magic!). The whole class will be lying/sitting so anyone can do it. Relieves chronic pain and general tension from every day life. Everyone needs this in their life and it’s the perfect way to end the week.


This is a brand new programme and combines some elements of Trigger Point Pilates to encourage you to move more when you’re sitting down working at a desk all day or just generally doing a lot of sitting. These sessions are only 10 minutes! Designed to give you a quick break from your work, encourage blood flow and circulation and relieve tension before you get back to work. Again, I recommend getting the prickle balls mentioned above, but you can use tennis balls as an alternative. You may also want a Pilates ball, but otherwise a cushion does a good job.


One of my goals by setting up these online classes is to create a little community and make people feel like they’re working out in a group even though we’re all in our own homes. So, when you refer a friend and they sign up for a week of classes, you get a free week! Get inviting your friends to join – just drop me a message to claim your free week.


I am also offering these additional services alongside my classes. Please get in touch to register your interest!

If you have any questions about anything on this page, please drop me an email or message me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.


“Lauren creates a welcoming and friendly ambience during her Pilates sessions. Lauren’s professional expertise and instruction make for a productive, relaxing and enjoyable experience.” Beryl, Trigger Point Pilates

“Lauren immediately made me feel welcome and at ease in her class. She was aware that I have fibromyalgia and taught me techniques to improve my core strength and flexibility and to alleviate the tension in my muscles. I left her class feeling so much better. Thank you making me feel myself again!” Sarah, Trigger Point Pilates

“I really enjoyed Lauren’s Pilates classes – I’m a newbie to Pilates but Lauren explained everything so well and I was able to follow along without any problems. Her class had a good balance of challenging and easier movements and I’d definitely recommend going along.” Abbey, Pilates

“Lauren brings such a positive atmosphere to her classes, always giving other options and alternatives if needed. Always there with you doing the workouts and classes so you never feel isolated. Such fun and varied classes and workouts, never a dull moment.” Hannah

“Lauren presents her classes with a calm confidence, she will coach and motivate you in a way that puts you at ease and able to get the most out of the workout.” Charlotte, Body Pump & Pilates 

“Fun, clear and easy to follow!” Ali

“I messaged Lauren when I was struggling with what fitness would work best for me, she came back straight away with her advice and the best things to do to help build my confidence up. Cannot thank her enough for the advice and support she gave!” Ellen