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When did you start your fitness journey and how did you get into it?

I started my fitness journey January 2018. I work from home so I spent a lot of my time inside so I wanted to find a reason to get out of the house every day. I never thought I’d love it as much as I do though.

What are your current fitness/training goals?

Right now I’m on a bulk. After a tricky relationship with food on my cut, I decided it was time to focus on building muscle and my strength. I feel so good!

What’s your favourite way to train?

Weight training is my husband. It makes me feel powerful and strong, I don’t think I would train any other way.

What does a typical week look like for you?

I go to the gym 5 times a week. Monday – Friday and I take the weekends off. Like I said, I have a pretty sedentary job so it’s really important for me to go as hard as I can during my sessions.

What is your relationship with food like, do you track what you eat?

I track loosely using MyFitnessPal but I definitely don’t freak out if I go over my calories. I like to make sure I’m getting enough protein, but if I’m hungry, I’ll eat whether I have calories left or not.

Do you have any advice for beginners in fitness?

Yes. Don’t worry about people looking at you. As bad as it sounds, no one cares about what you’re doing. Oh, and buy some sort of workout plan to get yourself going!

What do you do when you’re not feeling motivated?

I know in my heart that the sessions where I’m not feeling motivated end up being the best. So I go, and I always feel better for it.

What is your proudest achievement on your journey so far?

Right now I’m practising pistol squats and recently I managed to do one unassisted with my heel raised. It felt pretty good.

What quote do you live by?

No one cares, work harder.

What are some of your favourite accounts to follow?

@sophjbutler, @hells_fitness and @lucymountain are all super inspiring.


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