Reflecting On My 2020 Goals

I just stumbled upon this blog post from Blogmas 2019 where I wrote all about my 2020 goals and figured now would be a great time to reflect (and laugh) about them! Obviously 2020 has been a really tough year for everyone and no one could have predicted it, so it’s understandable that a lot of goals have not been able to be in reach for plenty of reasons.

Quite frankly, if you’ve survived 2020 then you’re winning.

Also, I know lots of people have gone through a career change or are just coming out of 2020 a completely different person so if your goals have changed from what you wrote in January, that’s totally okay. But I thought it’d be fun / amusing / interesting to reflect on what I wrote a year ago!

This is what I wrote in 2020:

  • Keep the blog going – This blog is still very fresh and new, so I hope to make some development on it during 2020. At the moment I’m writing it purely for myself as a little hobby and for fun, and I want to keep the essence of that but put a little more effort into finding an audience at the same time.
  • Get back into fitness – Not that I’ve really gotten out of it, but since I haven’t had a gym membership for the last couple of months I’ve felt myself slip a little bit, so I really want to get back into a gym routine again, probably using the Shreddy app again. I really want to find the joy in working out again and improving my fitness and continually working on my body.
  • Work harder at being an influencer – As I said in a previous post, I joined an influencer agency earlier this year and I want to put a bit more effort into that and see what can come of it.
  • Improve my confidence in dance – This might sound a bit stupid to an outsider because I’ve been dancing all my life and I’ve chosen it as a career of course I’m confident in it, but I feel like I floated along for a while this term because I was so excited to be training where I was. That’s not to say I didn’t work hard because I absolutely did and can see a massive improvement in myself since September but I just want to work even harder and push harder and be the best I can be. And confidence is a massive part of that if I want to be auditioning for the real world jobs this time next year. I’d like to go to way more classes in London as well and even the open classes that happen in Leicester just so I can get as much training as possible.
  • Read more – What a classic resolution ha. I’ve got at least 4 brand new books that are untouched in my flat and I completely forgot to take them on holiday with me. I used to read all the time and I miss it, so I want to try really hard to do more of it! That includes audio books too, but I definitely prefer the old fashioned hard copy in your hands.
  • Budget more – I’ve never been particularly terrible or good with money, but I do have a bit of a tendency to spend for the sake of it so I’d like to make an effort to save more money, but we’ll see how that goes because the student life isn’t always kind to the bank balance ha.
  • Go to more Stay Sassy events – I spoke about this in my last blog post too. I’ve been to two events this year and they happen roughly every 6 weeks so I want to try to go to as many as possible this year because I love how it makes me feel!
  • Reach 5K followers on Instagram – On my fitness account. This might be a bit ambitious but I recently hit 3K and didn’t think that would be possible either. I don’t take Instagram too seriously, it’s just a bit of a hobby but it’s nice to have an account that reaches people and can inspire people at the same time so I might as well continue to try and do something with that!
  • Start my portfolio – A dance portfolio that is, I’d like to do a photoshoot pretty soon to get something started. Along with this I want to film myself more so I have more video content.

What I’ve actually managed to achieve:

To be fair to myself, if there’s one thing I’ve made progress on this year it’s this blog! I started this blog in November 2019 and can safely say it’s been on the journey of 2020 with me, and I’m quite proud of it. I even went self hosted in April, and don’t think there’s any going back now! I don’t think I could keep up with the consistency and frequency of my posts throughout 2020, but I definitely see myself sticking with it throughout 2021.

I have definitely got back into fitness, and am sticking to my home workouts now and even got myself an online coach, who I’m very grateful for.

I don’t like how I worded ‘work harder at being an influencer’ and I also don’t really like the term ‘influencer’ anymore either. I’m no longer part of the agency I mentioned (long story) but would definitely still consider myself a content creator, and am so proud of myself for starting a YouTube channel this year!

In terms of confidence in dance, I’d say I’ve definitely achieved that, but also still have some way to go, and I’m excited for dancing in 2021 for sure.

Reading is DEFINITELY something I’ve done a hell of a lot of in 2020, post about that pending! But I’m so happy that’s a habit I’ve well and truly got back into.

I’m still awful at budgeting but that’s because I literally have no income to budget right now.

Unfortunately I’ve not been to any Stay Sassy events because there haven’t been any. Not in person anyway, there was a few IG live classes in Lockdown #1 including one on my birthday, which I loved! See the videos here. 

I can confirm I hit 5k on Instagram which I’m also pretty proud of, to say my little account sharing my fitness journey now has over 5,000 people following it is quite impressive (and bizarre) to me.

In terms of my dance portfolio, I guess I kind of did start it by getting headshots in February, and maybe would have done more if 2020 was a normal year, but alas.

Did you set yourself ambitious goals for this year? All I can say is try not to beat yourself up if you didn’t make any progress towards any of them, but I encourage you to reflect on what you have achieved this year, because there will be lots. Big and small. 2020 has been an experience for us all!

Sending lots of love to everyone who needs it!

Stay Safe,

L x

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  1. I’m kind of glad that I didn’t achieve massive goals this year, I wouldn’t haven’t been able to have achieved much if I had! I’m glad that you got to achieve some of your goals Lauren x

    Lucy |

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