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Disclaimer: [ad – press sample] I received the products featured in this review in an exchange for a review post. All opinions are still my own and will be 100% honest. Read more here.

I recently got sent a few pieces from Boudavida  and have reviewed them for you guys! They have some really nice and unique pieces in their collection and are super high quality. They also donate 5% of every purchase to projects in women’s sport, which I think is really important to acknowledge! The prices are a little on the higher end but this is definitely portrayed in the quality of the pieces.

The first top I tried out was the Tiffany Vest in Aubergine (£35) and I’ve worn this to the gym quite a few times now! I really like that it has a high neck so I feel well covered and also love that it’s not too tight, I think the fit is really flattering. You can’t see from the photos but there’s a really nice flap detailing on the back with blue mesh underneath – you can see that on the images on the website. The one downside is that if you sweat as much as I do (a lot) it shows up quite badly and makes the top kind of stick to you. Other than that, it’s super comfortable and soft. I wear a size 8 for reference.

The next item I’m going to talk about is the Swagger Tee in Light Grey/White (£35) – I love this one! It’s a similar material to the Tiffany Vest and I love the colours! Again, the fit is really flattering and comfy. Because it has longer sleeves I like to save this one for when I’m teaching Pilates or something that’s a bit more chilled, but will also be nice for the colder months.

I love the green colour that features in the sleeves too. This would also look nice if you sized up for more of an oversized look. I went for a size 8. It also comes in grey/plum if you’re worried about keeping white clean!

The last item I received was the Rise Midlayer in Mint (£40) which is definitely my favourite of the three! I’m absolutely in love with the colour and again think it’s really flattering.

I love the quarter zip style and the collar is a really nice length either lifted up or folded over if you’ve got the zip open. I was advised to size up in this one so I got a size 10, however I think I could have worn the 8 quite comfortably as the 10 is slightly bigger on me. The inside is fleece lined which makes it super comfy and perfect for colder weather if you’re exercising outside or as an extra layer to travel to the gym in.

It also has thumb holes which I love, keeps your hands warm and a bit of extra protection if you’re lifting weights. I’m not sure about the colour of the logo in the corner but I like that it’s subtle and doesn’t distract. The princess style seams make it super flattering on the body and it comes at a really nice length on me, sitting just over the hips. If Mint isn’t your colour, it also comes in White, Grey and Black too.

To conclude, here are my favourite parts about this brand and the products mentioned:

  • The gorgeous colours
  • Flattering designs
  • High quality
  • Soft touch fabrics
  • Brand ethics / what the brand stands for

In terms of sustainability, they stick to just two launches a year to avoid falling into the fast fashion trap, which I think is easy for brands to fall into, even those that say they are sustainable can get caught up in releasing so many different launches throughout the year that you have to stop and question how sustainable they actually are. To read more about Boudavida’s sustainability statement, click here.

I hope you enjoyed learning about this company as much as I did – let me know if you like any of these products or end up getting some for yourself!

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  1. I love the mint colour of the last top! I love trying new sportswear brands to vary it from the big brands everyone uses! The ethics behind this brand sound so great too! Unfortunately I need to get back to going to the gym regularly before I splash out on any more gym gear!

  2. Love the look of that last jacket! Seems like something I would love to wear running in the colder months!

  3. I love the look of this activewear brand Lauren, I love the mint colour top at the end, that’s such an adorable top to wear when exercising! I love how they donate 5% of the purchases to women’s sports projects, that’s an amazing contribution! x

    Lucy |

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