Review: JLL Fitness Acupressure Mat

Disclaimer (#AdGifted): JLL Fitness have kindly gifted me this mat to try out and share my views on. This doesn’t affect my views and opinions are still my own. Read more.


JLL Fitness have recently released an Acupressure Mat which they sent me one of to try out and share my views. It is available in 4 colours: Black, Blue, Green and Purple and I have to say I’m very happy I got sent the Purple one (my favourite colour). It has a thick foam interior and covered in a soft cotton layer. The set contains the main mat, a pillow for your neck and a convenient drawstring bag to transport them in, although I won’t lie I had a bit of a hard time stuffing it back into the bag.

The strategically placed acupressure points are designed to provide pain relief and overall wellness, releasing any tension in your back, neck and shoulders. JLL Fitness recommend you use the mat for 10-15 minutes each day. It works similarly to acupressure and sports massage, applying pressure to tense areas but using your own bodyweight to apply that pressure as you lie on the mat.


I’ve seen these mats pop up more and more in the last few months or so, it’s definitely a new thing on the market following foam rollers and massage guns, and like any of these tools I was a little sceptical at first and wasn’t sure how effective it would be despite seeing more and more people using them and all those Instagram ads popping up, so I was very excited when JLL sent me one to review.

To test this mat, I decided to use it for 10 minutes every day for a week after my workout. I definitely recommend wearing at least a t-shirt when using this (maybe a jumper if your skin is sensitive) because the spikes are really hard and not for the faint-hearted! (Then again, neither is acupuncture). It’s pretty uncomfortable at first (especially if you go all in like me wearing a crop top) but after a few minutes I did feel myself start to relax. 10 minutes was enough for me, but it does say on the website that you can use it for anywhere between 5-30 minutes depending on the person.

After a week of using this after my workouts I would say that it definitely made a difference in reducing muscle soreness, preventing Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (read my post 10 Ways To Reduce DOMS) and generally making me feel more relaxed after my workout. In conjunction with a thorough stretching routine, I’d say this mat is a pretty effective way to realign your body after a tough workout.


JLL Fitness Website 

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I also recommend their 10 or 15mm thick mats for Pilates (they sent me one of these too and I love it)

Not convinced about Pilates yet? —> Read my post all about the benefits.

Let me know if you’ve tried one of these acupressure mats or anything similar in the comments – I’d love to hear your experience! I’d also love to know if you decide to go out and get one after reading this post.

Also keep an eye out for a giveaway which may or may not feature some JLL Fitness products…

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  1. Great post Lauren! I haven’t heard of this product so this was very informative. I’ll have to check our those links, thanks 🙂

  2. Oh this is interesting! I really struggle with neck and back pain from a bad car crash I was in years ago so this is something I might check out. Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

    1. Trigger Point Pilates may also help you! Find out more about that on my ‘online classes’ page 🙂

  3. Omg never heard of them before now I’m interested

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