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I’ve had the Shreddy app since it launched in October 2019, and taken part in 3 challenges in that time, so thought it was time to do a review and share my thoughts about it! As much as I wish I was, I am in no way affiliated with the app and all views and opinions are my own!

For those that don’t know, Shreddy is a workout app created by Grace Beverley – an incredibly successful social media influencer and founder of 3 companies: Shreddy (the app), B_ND (workout accessories/equipment/nutrition range) and TALA (sustainable activewear).


As well as a range of workouts, the app has a meal plan (all of the recipes are vegan to line up Grace’s views but they could easily be adapted if a vegan diet isn’t your thing). There is also a community section of the app with various chat forums for users to interact with each other.

You can choose from 3 day or 5 day plans, whether you want to train in the gym or at home, and input your goals which puts you on either a fat loss or muscle/tone up programme. I think all of the plans are 12 weeks, and they are in 4 week blocks so you get new exercises/increased difficulty on week 5 and week 9. Its really flexible in that you can move around the workouts and meals however you like so nothing is really set in stone and you can move things around so that they suit your lifestyle and schedule which is really useful!

Most of the workouts can be adapted to be done without equipment, but at the same time the partner company is B_ND which obviously has a whole range of equipment so it makes sense for Shreddy to utilise that. If you’re going to get one bit of equipment I would definitely go for the short resistance bands, and get one that is going to challenge you (I got the extra heavy and have found it has lost a bit of its elasticity over time but is still effective). Other equipment that features in the workouts are the long resistance bands, dumbbells and sliders for the home workouts and this is all available from B_ND. The gym programmes obviously utilise all the equipment you would find in the gym. Again you can swap exercises around if there’s one that you don’t like or don’t have access to the necessary equipment which is useful. As well as the workouts in your guide which is on the main screen of the app, you can view the workouts in a separate tab (see below) and there is also a range of real time workout classes which you can in whenever you like, these are tailored to different body parts so it’s easy to add in a bit of extra work for whatever body area you want to work on most!



October 2019

I was so excited for this one as it was obviously the first challenge when the app launched, and already there was such a community building over on Instagram as well as the community section within the app. I started strong and was loving the workouts (I’m pretty sure I was doing the Gym Fat Loss Guide) and then I lost my gym membership for a while and had to put the guide on pause. At this point I wasn’t into home workouts so think I just fell off the wagon a bit rather than swapping to the home guide, which you can do within the app which is actually a really useful feature!

At first I followed the meal plan a lot more than I do now, I think it gave me lots of ideas for recipes and now I like to have the freedom to choose what I’m eating. Having said that, the meal plan is flexible in that you can switch the meals about as much or little as you like, meaning you can get rid of anything you don’t like and switch around when you have the meals it gives you. It was the meal plan on this challenge and the fact that I watched The Game Changers documentary around this time too that started my journey to make more plant based swaps, I didn’t put pressure on myself to follow a strictly plant based diet and still don’t, but just wanted to reduce intake of meat and dairy.


January 2020

I started this challenge on the 5 Day Fat Loss Gym Guide but I had a car accident on 19th January and had to take a few weeks off the gym. When I went back I switched to the 3 Day Lean Muscle Gym Guide because I preferred the split, and decided I was getting enough cardio and fat burning exercise from my dance classes so wanted to focus on muscle growth and strength in my gym training. I really got into that guide and was enjoying the workouts and it pushed me to do more exercises in the gym rather than just using the fixed resistance machines. Although I’m a qualified personal trainer, because that’s not been my main job in a gym setting I’m still learning things about gym workouts all the time.

My results from January – March


April 2020

This was the first challenge I was actually consistent with and was so glad I did it! I wasn’t originally planning on doing this challenge but I forgot to cancel my subscription before it renewed (mainly just to save money). It was the only constant thing I had throughout lockdown and helped me have some sort of routine and something to do every day. I did the 5 Day Tone Up Home Guide. It was also a lot more fun because I made my flatmate do it with me and it became our daily thing that kept us both going.

My lockdown transformation!


Shreddy has definitely come a long way since it launched, and they are continually listening to customer feedback and releasing updates based on that so it will continue to evolve.

The main problems I had, especially with the home guide is the equipment list at the beginning of the workout isn’t always correct, and when it is there’s not enough time to get from one bit of equipment to the next and you end up missing some of the exercise.

From a personal trainer perspective, I question some of the programming of the exercises in terms of the order and also what the alternative exercises offered are (e.g. it will offer you an ‘alternative’ to swap for the exercise you are currently on, but then that alternative comes up later in the workout so you end up doing the same thing again) but really that’s a small issue and doesn’t happen all the time. Because I am a personal trainer though there was a few occasions where I would just swap out the exercises I didn’t like or didn’t think fit in quite right.


Shreddy have actually just launched a new challenge “SHREDDY BLAST” which started on 6th July (enrolment is open until 10th July so it’s not too late if you want to sign up) and this one is with brand new guides as well – SHREDDY10 and SHREDDY20 which don’t require any equipment and are only 10/20 minutes each but super intense. These will available alongside the Home and Gym Guides that are already on the app.

I personally won’t be joining in with the challenge this time, like I said I’ve had the app since it came out and feel like  I’ve run my course with it for now. That’s not to say I won’t pick it up again in the future and I don’t regret spending money on it at all, it’s helped me through some tough times after all! Overall I think the workouts are effective and enjoyable and the app as a whole holds a lot of value.

Have you tried Shreddy? I’d love to hear about your experience with it, or if this post has inspired you to join in the next challenge!

Useful links:

Shreddy Website

Shreddy Instagram

B_ND Website

B_ND Instagram

TALA Website

TALA Instagram

Grace’s Instagram

L x

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  1. Keep going! I will definitely give it a try. <3

  2. Shreddy looks interesting, I use THENX for a calisthenics workout. Have you tried it?

  3. Great post! This app sounds really good!

  4. This app sounds like it’s worth checking out! Food, exercise and community all in one sounds like a great way to stay motivated and having the workouts suited to what you want to achieve is a great thing too!

  5. Great post, this app seems really helpful. I should try it since I’ve not had much success with other apps before.

  6. This is a great review! I love Grace and I love tala, and I did buy the app for the first few months but I found it very repetitive and I do like to mix up what work outs I do each week, so I found it quite restrictive. I love that it worked for you though! And the meal plan is great isn’t it! So many meal ideas! x

    1. Yeah, I think the reason I stuck with it so long was trying the different guides as I do think they differ more than when you just stick to one. Probably good for beginners though as repetition helps with learning new moves and technique and everything! I totally agree with the meal plan though 🙂

  7. Well done girly keep it up, I have been looking for a good workout app from home esepecially after gyms closed and will definitely look in to this!x


  8. Thank you for sharing this – I downloaded Shreddy when they offered their massive discounts but just didn’t get on with it at all for some reason. I hated the fact that the exercises are all repetitive and at the time I couldn’t have swimming as my cardio (not sure if that has changed now) and I like to use a mix of various exercises which I couldn’t do on the app! Also the meal plans were hard to follow as I live with my parents so they wouldn’t eat the same things I wanted to – it’s great for those who need that extra motivation and community though! Thanks for sharing such a great review x

    Paige // Paige Eades

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience! I definitely agree with the repetitiveness, kinda useful at first and can imagine its helpful for complete beginners but it did get a bit boring after a while.

  9. Really enjoyed this review! I’ve heard a lot about Shreddy but it’s something I’ve never considered joining (my go-to workout is running so it isn’t exactly my thing haha!). It was interesting to read about your thoughts on it, especially as you’re a personal trainer. I think if I was ever to use anything like that I would probably switch a few things out as well, it’s all about what works for you at the end of the day! x

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