Small Biz Spotlight #5: Sancti Yoga

It’s that time again! Here we are with my 5th edition (I know, already!) of the Small Biz Spotlight. If you’ve been living under a rock for the last five months or you’re new here, I’ve already spoken to Cocabana, AlicexLizzy, Dumb Blonde Club and House of Small – be sure to go back and check those posts out as they’re some amazing businesses you should definitely know about – especially with Christmas fast approaching and gift ideas going around!

Today I’m talking to Georgia from Sancti about her yoga business – from online yoga to retreats – she’s got it all. I started a couple of yoga packages with Georgia in lockdown so I can say first hand how good her classes are. My favourites are the total relaxation and cocktail yoga! No, yoga doesn’t have to be serious and boring!

Georgia has some exciting things coming in November so keep an eye on her Instagram for announcements!

How did Sancti come about?

I was working in Recruitment for one of Lord Sugar’s Apprentice winning companies HRS, I’d worked my way up the industry, won awards and made what was considered to be “successful” in recruitment, but I really felt there was something missing. I had just got into yoga at the time, and since I was feeling something missing I decided to make the jump and train to become a yoga teacher in Bali. I envisaged setting up my own yoga and wellness business and made very minimal plans (other than saving enough money to be able to live on for the next 6 months)


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A seed grows with no sound ? ⠀ Creation is silent, growth is quiet ✨ ⠀ This is the power of silence, grow quietly ?

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How long was the idea for the brand in your head before it came to life?

I’d always deep down wanted to have my own business, but I never really knew what industry or what I’d do. Part of me saw myself working in recruitment forever, but there was a niggle that was telling me to do something else. I did a course in fashion, and even taught fitness classes for about a year whilst working, until I finally made the decision that yoga and wellness was the industry I wanted to go into. I knew that there was a gap in the yoga industry in particular, a space for yoga to be less “serious” but still bring you all of the benefits in your mind, body and soul. I know a lot of yoga companies in the West of the world have taken the spiritual element totally out of yoga, but that’s not what I wanted to do. I want to be able to bring people the spiritual elements of yoga without scaring them off, to translate these benefits into a language that we understand in a modern world. Ultimately, it was my goal to create a modern uplifting wellness company, and that’s exactly what Sancti is!

What’s the hardest part about running your own business?

When setting up a business and putting your creativity out into the world, it’s hard to predict how it will go and whether you’ll be able to reach enough people to make your business viable. The hardest part is the “not knowing” for me. I’m used to knowing and to be able to control everything around me, but I’m also learning to go with the flow and that things can still be very successful without having to control every aspect. To add another “hard part” about running a business, I’d have to say all of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. For Sancti, I teach online and have set up my own platform for online yoga and wellness on I’ve also worked hard behind the scenes to create a super soft eco-friendly hoodie, and have recently partnered up with Becky Bagnall, my new business partner to create Yoga and Pole Retreats as well as re-launch the online studio to include an amazing array of online classes. There’s so much that has happened behind the scenes to make this happen and I’d love to share more of the hard work, sleepless nights, blood, sweat and tears that goes into making Sancti blissful for all of our customers.

What do you wish other people knew about being a small business?

That it’s okay to start small! If you have an idea and you’re scared to make it happen, don’t let that stop you. Just go for it and learn along the way. Nobody has all of the answers, especially in business and that’s the beauty of it. Loads of people will tell you that you can’t do it, doubt you, or just not be fully behind what you’re doing, and that’s okay too! Follow your heart, let your creativity flourish and go for it. You will never regret following your heart.

Do you/would you use influencer marketing? What has your experience been?

Influencer marketing has been really interesting for me because I have experience on both sides of the coin as someone who creates yoga and wellness content for brands as what could be described as “influencer”, but also as a business owner for Sancti and working with other influencers. These experiences have shown me that the best way for brands to work with influencers is to create more brand awareness in their niche, meaning that it’s SO important to work with influencers that really believe in what you do and genuinely love your brand. From the other side of the coin as someone who works as an influencer for brands, I make this my priority to only work with brands I truly believe in so that I can make authentic content and speak my truth whenever I’m speaking online about a brand.


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2020 is all about turning chaos & uncertainly into inspiration & good ✨?? ⠀ Who agrees? Comment below ??

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What is one thing people might not know about the business?

For me, business is all about relationships. It’s about building relationships with your staff, suppliers, audience and customers. Creating a community in which everyone can thrive! Business can also be fun, it doesn’t have to be rigid, you can be flexible and adaptable to changing needs of your customers. You can have fun with your ideas and connect with likeminded people!

Are there any small businesses you’ve supported or discovered recently?

Yes! We recently worked with a fairly new events company Untangled Events to provide our glamping tipis at Sancti’s Retreat. They’re so genuine and provide a flawless high quality service. I’d 100% recommend them and will be working with them in the future for sure.

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  1. Oh I loveeee the sound of Sancti Yoga! As a huge Yoga fan I’m mega excited to check out her platforms. And I love that quote, “when nothing is certain, anything is possible.” So inspiring! Thank you for sharing 🙂 xxx

  2. I love the sound of Sancti yoga , this sounds like an incredible business! x

    Lucy |

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