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5 Tips To Beat Gym Anxiety

This week I went back to the gym for the first time since March, before lockdown. Even though I’m a Personal Trainer I still get a level of gym anxiety from time to time, and I think everyone is going to a be a little bit anxious going back to things they used to do pre-Covid, things aren’t going to be the same (but that’s …

Work From Home Tips

As more and more jobs continue to work from home and I’m sure there will be a lot more remote job listings in the future, I thought I’d share things that I’ve found helpful in being productive when working from home! As we know, blogging can be a full time work from home job, but these tips can be applied to anything.

My Lockdown Highlights

I originally called this ‘My Lockdown Achievements’ but I’m not sure whether the things I wanted to include could count as achievements or just highlights. Also, I didn’t want it to be a brag in any way, just to spread some positivity and bring light to things that I’m proud of or have been enjoying whilst being stuck at home for the last 3 months.