That Typical ‘First Blog Post’

Hello and welcome to my blog! However you got here, this is just a little post to introduce myself before I dive right into this new blogging adventure. I’m Lauren, I’m 21 and I’m in full time dance training in Leicester. I hope to graduate with a BA (Hons) Dance in 3 years time! I’ve been dancing since I was 5 but only realised I could potentially do it as a career at the age of 16. It’s been a rocky road to this point (maybe a post on this later about how I got to where I am now?) but I absolutely love where I’m training now however hard it was to get here. As I’m a student living away from home I’ll likely write some posts all about that, as well as sharing life experiences and health and fitness tips. I’m a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, so will be using this to share some of my expertise in this area too, so I hope for those posts to be somewhat educational for some of you!

I’ve been blogging on and off since I was about 12 years old (I’m sure that would be a hilarious read if I ever rediscovered it) – it’s just always something I find myself coming back to. I’ve always loved writing and like the idea of just having an empty space to share my thoughts with the world, as well as hopefully spreading some knowledge like I said.

L x

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