Things I’ve Been Enjoying In Lockdown

I know I’ve already done posts about things to do in lockdown, but I’m kind of over those kind of posts now and I feel like everyone’s already done it. If you haven’t seen mine yet I’ve done How To Be Productive, Things To Do That Don’t Involve Your Phone, Ways To Help Your Mental Health and Keeping Fit In Lockdown

So I thought I’d share some things that I’m enjoying about lockdown – it looks like we’re going to be in it a little while longer so we may as well find as many positives as we can to take from it.

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Time Freedom – I nearly wrote freedom but that’s the exact opposite of what we have right now! What I mean is freedom to do what I want with my day (that doesn’t involve leaving the house haha) in terms of getting up whenever I want, doing as many or few dance classes as I like, finding new fitness workouts on Instagram and YouTube to try and not having the restriction of spending all day at college (as much as I love it) and all day at work. Another thing I like is having the freedom to eat when I want so I can actually eat intuitively and when I’m actually hungry, whereas when I’m at college I just eat habitually in every break between classes even when I’m not hungry.

People Watching On My Walks – Especially when I walk around the park, I love seeing the mums and dads playing with their kids who would probably normally be at work and are actually getting the chance to spend more time with each other, families out walking the dog, mums on bikes with their kids, people doing yoga or other forms of exercise on their own in the sunshine, people starting to take up running. I like to make up stories of where they all might come from as I walk past from a safe 2m away!

Blogging – When I was at college five days a week and working for the other two, I found it difficult to get my one post a week out and it sometimes felt like a chore to keep this going; I did it anyway because I still love it and care about it enough to slave away a little. But I’ve had so much more time to write and plan content, and I’ve discovered the Twitter  blog community which I’m loving, and have met some lovely people from it! I’m hoping to keep writing content so that I have a little bit to keep going when life goes back to normal and being hectic again.

Launching My First Fitness Challenge – I’ve been wanting to do this for ages and lockdown finally gave me no excuse but to just go for it – with people sitting at home unable to go to the gym or going insane because they haven’t really gotten into fitness before and not leaving the house for them meant not moving a lot – I felt it was time for me to put it out there and try and help people. I’ve been wanting to convert my fitness Instagram account from a personal fitness journey journal into an online coaching platform for a while, and I’ve finally taken the first step and now we’re just over a week into the challenge and it’s going really well! See my post all about it here and keep your eyes peeled for future ones! (Let me know in the comments if it’s something you might be interested in)

Online Dance Classes – To be honest, sometimes I really can’t be bothered to dance in my little flat, my motivation has been pretty low in that area recently – I think it’s just the knowledge that I know it won’t be my best because there’s not enough space, I don’t have a mirror to see myself etc etc – or maybe they’re all just excuses/mental blocks! On the other hand, as someone who sees going down to London for classes a rare treat, it’s been really good to be able to do people’s classes for free that I have never been able to go to before, like Madeleine Waters and Maximilian Jarish. Silver linings always!

I could go on and on, but I think these are the main ones. Please share some of the things that you’ve been enjoying too!

L x

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  1. I got super into people watching too haha! Will try your dancing recommendations, thanks!

    1. It’s fun isn’t it! Yay, let me know how you get on 🙂

  2. I really loved reading this post! I too have really been enjoying blogging. I have also found that I have become grateful for a lot of things. I am glad you have been enjoying a lot of things! Stay safe, Em x

  3. For me it is waking up and sleeping whenever i want. No strict routine to follow and also I don’t have to go outside for any work. So I am all free to just lay at home, watch Netflix seasons and have fun etc.

  4. I have really got into blogging during this time! Created a brand new blog! Great post thanks for sharing!❤️

    1. That’s amazing! I will go and check it out 🙂 I’ve definitely got way more into blogging too and the whole blogging community – I’ve been reading a lot more blogs rather than just focusing on churning out content for my own!

  5. Blogging is what I’ve been enjoying lately too haha. I didn’t have much time before to write and write. Aw, congrats about launching your first fitness challenge. This is amazing!!

    You go girl ❤️

    Stay safe x

    1. me too! i’ve loved getting into a routine of writing new posts every week. thank you for your lovely comment! stay safe xx

  6. I loved your blog post so much. The first point and second point are totally me and I resonate with your post so much! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for reading, I’m glad it resonated with you!

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