Top 7 Workout Playlists For Any Workout

Music for me can either make or break a workout so I thought I’d put together some of my favourites that you can all use to fire up your workout. They’re all on my Spotify so just by clicking on them below you should be able to play/save/follow them! Music makes such a difference and genuinely can be the difference between smashing a workout and feeling sluggish and bored. Whether it’s a gym workout, fitness class or a home workout, it’s important the soundtrack is one you love. We’ve all experienced that feeling of absolute dread when you get to the gym and realise you’ve forgotten your headphones – here’s a reminder for you to put them in your gym bag now!

If you don’t already know, I’m a fitness instructor and have been teaching classes for about 4 years now. If I don’t get the music right for a class I’m teaching, the energy in the room can be so low I wonder if there’s anyone there. When I do get it right though, I definitely know about it with lots of positive feedback from clients at the end!

Let’s get into the playlists:

Here’s the playlist I used to use for one of my trampoline fitness classes. It’s high energy and upbeat, and has a range of ages attending so I have to have a range of music style.

This is one of my most recent class playlists, which I use for a ballet inspired workout. I love this playlist and it has a real mixture of music but not necessarily tracks you’d expect to hear in a ballet class. Like I said, I don’t want anyone to get bored!

For those that don’t know, I started running in lockdown, and I think not having music during a run is 1000% worse than not having music in the gym! I can’t stand to listen to the sound of my heavy breathing, so drowning it out with music blasting in my ears is perfect. Most of these songs are the perfect speed for me to run to as well. Also when I’m running I like to challenge myself to run to the end of the song when I feel like giving up, so if it’s a song I enjoy and can sing and dance to it makes that challenge a hell of a lot easier.

This is one of my most popular Pilates playlists which is a lot calmer, and would also be great for a slower Yoga flow or stretch session.

I made this playlist for a Booty Workout Class I did with my mum which was a lot of fun, and again the music absolutely made it! Also perfect for Legs/Booty day in the gym.

This is my most recent gym playlist which I often add tracks to, but to be honest I think I’ve overplayed it and need to freshen it up a bit. Nevertheless there’s some bangers on here! Excellent for cardio days in particular!

This is another generic workout playlist, it’s a little bit out of date now but good if you want some throwback tunes to a couple of years ago!

I hope you enjoyed some of these playlists – let me know if you use any and which is your favourite!

I’d love to hear what kind of music gets you through your workout!

L x

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  1. Really clever and organised to have different playlists for different technical workouts. It’s only really running that I take part in but recently I found that I was flicking between different things so I wanted to settle on something. I found a little loophole….I tried to find songs that I could actually physically run to, such as ones that had a beat I could time each step to. It makes me work harder because I’m trying not to step off the beat! It sounds crazy but it works 🙂

    1. Thanks tom! I love running to the beat of songs as well, not crazy at all! On Spotify they actually have ready made playlists with songs of a certain bpm (beats per minute) so you can chose one that’s a good pace for you – genius!

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